There are three heavens, and through them one river, in this Kingdom of ours.

The first is a Child who seeks understanding:  The first is that having a mind of a child where you imagine or fear the real world.

The second an Adolescent who seeks acceptance:  The second is that having a mind of an adolescent where you experience the real world in fear.

And the third an Adult who no longer needs to seek:  And the third is that of an adult where you are wise to the real world and have overcome (no longer fear) it.  You have been delivered and are free to be who you are created to be.  As an adult, you then bear fruit (your wisdom) to the world through a child where you become a parent or through some other form or fashion where you become a teacher.

Be a Teacher who understands:  The first is where you teach the children about the real world so that they may understand and prepare for it. 

Be a Parent who accepts:  The second is where you go through the real world with the children allowing them to face their fears and expectations without punishment or smothering.  It is then that, like God with you, you accept the entire child as truly human (good with the bad, perfect with the imperfect, sinless with the sinful).  And then afterwards, devote your time to raising the children in all areas of the real world for them to become wise.

Be a Friend who delivers:  And the third is where your and your once child become friends as adults (equals).  It is here you let go and live in greater peace doing whatever you want and providing wisdom here and there when asked, serving one another in true love and intimacy.  You are home.

And in the end, Be a Spirit who loves unconditionally:  And finally, in the end, you live in full peace.  Whatever unique spirit you become, it will be for the benefit of God’s community of children and creatures throughout God’s Kingdom.  The river waits for you.

But none of the above is possible or truthful if you do not have an unconditionally loving spirit on the inside and demand it in others on the outside.  For the weak (fearful) will know how strong they are [by following their own spirit] and the strong (arrogant) will know how truly weak they are [by cowering before it].

from the book “Wisdom From the River

 Proverbs 3:5-6

5Trust in the LORD GOD AND OBEY HIS SPIRIT IN YOU with all your heart and lean not on your own way of thinking; 6in all your ways submit to God, and He will make your paths straight [and your life fruitful].