A Man, who had but a little dust in his eyes, came up to Jesus and asked him,

“Teacher, I am lost.  I was abandoned when I was a child and have been trying to find my way home ever since.  But I keep running into dead ends.  Can you help me?”

And Jesus answered, “Yes.  I will guide you and raise you myself from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood.”

And the man said, “But I am a man.  How can I become a child again?”

And Jesus said, “You were never a child nor are you a man.  You only see what you want to see; not even that because, like the vast majority of persons, you have only seen what the world wants you to see.  So, you have never been your own truth, until now.  That is why I will raise you to discover your own truth.  And the only way is this way.”

And the man asked, “But won’t I just become your truth?  Many people and religions and scholars I have asked this for, and they have left me aside because I would not become their truth?”

And Jesus replied, “Most have planks in their eyes as you once had, but you have now only a bit of dust because, in your belief though only a little, you have been searching quite a while.  This is why you have finally come to me.  You see me as your last hope now, though I was actually your first hope in the beginning when you where blind.

My truth is truth common to all but very few recognize it because they choose to believe in those that deceive or are being deceived and will not believe it.   One day I will leave you with my knowledge of the truth that is my unconditional love, and return to you as your spirit in conscience.  On this day, you will recognize me because of the knowledge I have given you.  You will come to see the deceiver for who he or she really is and the false conscience you have adopted and the true conscience that you were given by me.  And though you believe, you still will not trust me fully on that day.

But one day while walking in faith, you will know that I will accept you in my heart and my soul, where only others say to appease me but know nothing of me.  And because of this, you will move ahead of them–these weak creatures you fear so much–a little at a time as they try to manipulate you, and then eventually excommunicate you.  And it will be then that you will know I have told you the truth, and you will accept their excommunication and cross over into the freedom that you have desired all your life.

It will be then that they will begin to fall into the sea and die while you remain here and live having gained my wisdom that is common to all, but again, few will ever come to know it.  And it will be then that I will give to you my last command to let everyone be, including you, as everyone is because it is I who call them more times than one could ever count, and they can either choose to hear or refuse to hear.  And when you obey this last command of mine, you will have doubted me no longer and trust me fully.  You will have the confidence of my Father, and thus, be complete.

It will be then that I hand you over to Yourself where you will live in all confidence as You forever as the intimate and, thus truly complete adult you whom you’ve become–collectively you in me and me in you and we together in our Father respecting each in the fullness that each is.  And those who are truly weak, even Death, will have fully fallen to their death and never to be feared again.  And you will know how sweetly content Life really is.

And on that day, no one will be able to discern between you, me, and our Father.  We will be indivisible, and thus, unconquerable because, in each of your steps, you will consult the wisdom of your Spirit and do nothing without the love from your Father and you will thus be You.”

And the man asked Jesus, “What is this life like where you will be raising me?”

And Jesus replied, “I can only give you the knowledge of it, but you will have to experience it for yourself.  Your mind will have the knowledge, but your heart will become troubled when I leave you the first time, and you enter into your own desert.  You may believe that your fear will overwhelm you, but instead your belief in me within will prevent you this as long as you obey me through your trust.  And in the end, you will become content at the second time I leave you, and give you over to my Father as he gives himself over to us.”

“Who is your Father?” asked the Man.

“My Father is the love that you will come to know and live in and we in him,” replied Jesus.  “I give to you my Father to be refined, but in the end, we will be intimate with one another because you will live in my Father and also in me and we in you.  This will be a heaven on this earth for you.  And on that day, you will be complete in the eyes of my Father, and the world will look upon you and refuse you as they do me.  But some with only a bit of dust in their eyes will not look away and come to you as you did me.”

And the man said to Jesus, “I am terrified!”

And Jesus replied, “So then, in the end, you will be content even more.  You must choose to trust those familiar to you whom you have seen all your life or in me who you have just seen.”

“I have trusted so many all my life,” said the man, “and they have never been able to fill the void that is left dark inside me.  I have no other choice but to trust you because without I will have lost all hope in anything or anyone.”

And Jesus said, “I see a brave warrior where you see a terrified person unworthy of the fight.  Don’t you see that this is why you have yet to find the bridge that enables you to cross over?  Whom do you idolize, my Father or your deceivers?  When you answer this question you will then be ready, and I will no longer appear in front of you but rise up inside of you, and we will battle together.

And so I will leave you with this in answering your question.  You ask what is this life like.

Life is like three heavens.  The first is to learn from the mind about yourself.  This takes standing in belief that leads to knowledge.  The second is to accept from the heart yourself as you are.  This takes walking in faith that leads to wisdom.  And the third is to deliver from the soul you to others so they too will be free and live within our Father as you and he will live within them.  This takes soaring in spirit that leads to peace.

There is a river I have placed in front of you that flows from the beginning of the first heaven, through the second, and to the end of the last.  Even now, you do not recognize that you had already entered into it throughout your search and that your journey through the first is nearing its end.

There is much more for me to tell you, but I will do so when I return, and my words will become low hanging fruit on each side of the river.  If you eat the fruit when you have drifted onto the river’s edge,  you will be able to correct your way and continue to assert your life on the river and in the love that is my Father and find the contentment that is all of us together.  And that is when you will be the complete or entire or all of You and forever more be known as You who is the real and true you–the truth of You–the culmination of the knowledge of you, the wisdom of your spirit, and the love of your Father as one complete Self.

And once you Understand that you are now the culmination of your Father, you, and your spirit in One, you will let go of who you were and leave behind–that is, be indifferent to–the people of the world who are ignorant and indignant and their ignorant and indignant ways, and you will accept the new You as absolute.  On that day, you will begin to be the Devoted You to Delivering You without fear.

No longer will you pre-judge the strict goodness or badness of it by what you think you know.  Rather, once you become aware of it, you will seek  knowledge of it, then seek out your Spirit and trust the wisdom of your Spirit on it, and then ask your Father how you may deliver the message in pure unconditional, what is called unprejudiced, selfless, prideless, uncorrupted, humbled, real, or true, love.  For the Spirit, who will become your best friend, and the Father live in Truth that is reality.

Having transformed from self to Self where Truth has replaced prejudice and thus your pride has died, You will deliver the message in full and unabridged; the message being You.  And then You will experience Heaven-on-Earth, what others may call Nirvana with a Remainder.  And when Your time on Earth is complete, You will be Delivered into Heaven Itself.

So, come when you are ready and gain the knowledge of who you are so that your spirit may guide you in wisdom to your Father who is Love in all of us.  I can give you my knowledge, my wisdom, and my love.  But only your own spirit within can give you the fulfillment of it.

— The Compendium of Trilogy