I imagine a man, who had but a little dust in his eyes, come and ask me,

“Tim, I am lost.  I was abandoned when I was a child and have been trying to find my way home ever since.  But I keep running into dead ends.  Can you help me?”

And I would answer, “Yes.  I will give you my knowledge, my wisdom, and my love.  But only your own spirit in you can fulfill you.  It will guide you and raise you itself from childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood like it did me.”

And the man said, “But I am a man.  How can I become a child again?”

“A man on the outside, but a terrified child on the inside who was never given the knowledge, wisdom, and love it needed.  Do you only see what you want to see or what the world wants you to see?  If so, you have never been your own truth, until now.  That is why your spirit will raise you to discover your own truth to be a true man.  And the only way is its way.”

And the man asked, “But won’t I just become its truth?  Many people and religions and scholars I have asked for help, and they have left me aside because I would not become their truth?”

And I would reply, “I hope so.  Most have planks in their eyes as you once had, but you have now only a bit of dust because you have been searching a long time.  And you see something that you desire.  Possibly a spirit that loves you and accepts you no matter what.  A spirit that will not abandon you because it is of God that can be nothing except unconditional love because that is what God is.  What more can you ask for?”

“What is the difference between dust and a plank?” asked the man.

“When working with wood,” I explained, “You can not see through a plank, but while the wood is worked, you can see through the dust that it produces.  Some will leave the plank “as is” never to be worked on and another will work on the plank imagining what it could look like in the end.

To not work the plank means to deny your spirit altogether and remain in the First Heaven.  To work the plank and see through the dust to where you want to be means that you are ready to connect with your spirit and leave the First Heaven to walk in faith with it in the Second.  Here, don’t be afraid of what I show you.  I have a gift of creative communication and a great imagination.  I communicate to people in all different ways — through scripture, psychology, everyday language, and even music and art.  But it’s all based in reality.

See, you heard something in you say that it’s time to move on.  Am I correct?  You are where you don’t want to be.  This is because those that are where you are choose the plank over the dust.  And when it appears that they are growing, they are actually only putting a new spin on the outside on an old way of life on the inside.  In other words, they manipulate you and gaslight you all in the name of saving your soul.  But the truth is that they are children afraid of venturing into the unknown as I was.  So much that they believe in the Holy Spirit but are too ashamed to meet it and walk with it and in it.

Do you see the Harbors on the River of Life in the map?  The first is Believe and the second is Ask.  This is where you ask for your spirit to come and reside in you so that you can start a real relationship with it.  Many never get out of the Harbor of Believe and nearly all never get past the eighth Harbor of Accept because they do not believe they are worthy enough to be loved and accepted unconditionally, though this is what they’ve been searching for all their lives.  They sabotage themselves.

People like this don’t care how they save you; as long as you’re saved.  Believe me, you were saved before, and they aren’t even saved yet.  I know because I’ve been there.   They advertise a new way, but at the root is still the old way.  But you truly seek a new you, and you can have it when you decide to follow the spirit in you rather than them because God’s spirit in you is the real you.”   

— Excerpt from the Compendium of Trilogy