My Final Harbors

I was a completed (that is, self-aware in psychology jargon ) person in my 10th Harbor when I graduated from my spiritual stage of adolescence.  It was at that time, I became confident in my mental and emotional acuity (intelligence) and capacities and how to integrate them and keep them in check within God’s boundary between that which was holy and unholy as instructed and shown to me by my spirit.  And upon solidifying my place as a completed person, I was at that time a spiritual adult where my spirit and myself were married, i.e., I fell in love (what Jung may call being absorbed by the spirit) and no longer only devoted to love.

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As with any who are married, an offspring must be delivered.  This offspring will be given by its adult parents all the knowledge and wisdom he and she has gained with his and her own unique spirit within.  This is also known as bearing fruit where the fruit is the wisdom.  An adult has an innate need to leave a legacy of this knowledge and wisdom to better the world after he and she are gone.  For those without children, this knowledge and wisdom will be contained within another type of vessel, like a book or a website, that is to also benefit the world at large.

Like the 20 or so years it takes to nurture and raise a child, have I streamlined knowledge and wisdom from hundreds and hundreds of pages of my own journals throughout my own 20-year journey and placed them in this website.  And so, like how God’s Spirit gave to me its spirit with all the Spirit’s knowledge and wisdom, so do I give all my knowledge and wisdom to you here in my website.  This is the deliverance of my offspring to you in all its maturity without preconceptions and worldly conditioning while being raised by my spirit.  This is the deliverance of my child to the world from my 11th Harbor of Deliver.

When 20 years ago God told me to write (record) everything that the spirit would show me, I did not realize that I was raising a child of my very own at the same time my spirit was raising me.  And so there was no time wasted.  I lost no time.  The time it would have taken for my child to mature is the same amount of time from then to now.  I do not have to wait another 20 years.  As I matured into my own adult individual, again without preconceptions and worldly conditioning, my child matured.  And in the 11th harbor it is now time to part and say goodbye and free my mind.  In other words, like with any parent whose child has become an adult, it is time to let go.

So then, it is time to let go of all that I know and received by my own spirit.  And as in the Book of John Chapter 16 Verses 12-15, your own spirit, who knows all this, will reveal even more to you because yours will be a creation uniquely made for you and not for me.

And so I leave this with you.

As a spiritual child, I came to understand the difference between rules that dealt with true love and those that had nothing to do with love, and I left those people and places that would not or could not discern this for themselves.  That was in the first heaven, which will fall away in time.

Following my spirit, I then entered into the second heaven as a spiritual adolescent.  In this heaven I understand the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.  Those who followed the letter would never allow themselves to be unconditionally loved or accepted by God’s gift.  They would continue to wallow in shame and pity deeming themselves unworthy to receive, and continue to lead a life by the words of a spiritual book, but never allowing themselves to follow the spirit who wrote that book.  They will not fall away but be remembered as wanting and needing the love, where those in the first deny wanting it or needing it deep down because they deem themselves as this love yet are very narcissistic (false loving).

And so as I followed my spirit and accepted God’s gift, I was given keys to the Kingdom.  And I realized that mortal sin by those in the first heaven was despicable to God, and I realized that the letter of sin by those in the second heaven was frustrating to God, especially when the free gift was well within their grasp.   I realized that the only SIN was Seeing Inside Nobody or Nothing that only existing outside the Kingdom, and that the real world was very wide open.  Thus, I was given the knowledge and wisdom of the ways of the world and the people of the world by my spirit by being allowed to experience all of the humanness, since I had realized by accepting God’s gift, that I was too was human thus making me and everyone around me equal in the sight of God.

And as I gathered more and more wisdom, I followed my spirit into the third heaven of spiritual adulthood.  It was here I married my spirit.  And from here is where I started this letter.  And it was in this spiritual adulthood I understood that only one rule existed, and if I obeyed just this one rule, then SIN outside the Kingdom and that first heaven of the ego would fall away, and the second heaven would seem the only child to whom I could love and leave my legacy.  And this one rule, the golden rule, says to love you neighbor as you would want to be loved.  One would find this hard to do in any heaven but the third because until the third, one does not truly know for certain that he or she is loved in all absoluteness within by God.  And so one can now truly just love one’s neighbor.  And he and she have thus become the only church of God continuously communing with God for all eternity.

So then, I ask you to be the brave one who follows your spirit through the gauntlet of the first two heavens and find yourself letting go of all that so that you can finally find peace in the third as the Heaven-on-Earth that you are.

And once you attain this, then what?

It has been my experience that it is our responsibility as God’s Children [Christ-Spirited] to brighten the lives of everyone around us. We do this by providing everything in our power given to us by God through our Holy Spirit, which we glimpse a little bit of heaven by. You do not need the greatest talents to send the greatest love. But it is important to know that love does not come out of obedience (you cannot draw love from a turnip), but obedience comes out of love. We need to know and feel the love of God within us first before we can serve the needs of others.  But when completed in your maturity with and by the spirit within you and you are thus married to your spirit, then you will see that God will deliver you as that heaven on earth.  This will be the time of great peace within as you and your spirit become One because heaven-on-earth is not somewhere out there to be found.  Heaven-on-Earth is You, and anything you deliver to others, in whatever form it may possess, is a gift from the Heaven that God lives in.  Your job then is to physically deliver love given to you by Love in the Spirit of Love through the spirit of your love in you. 

Goodbye and Peace my loves.