Hi Folks.  My name is Tim DiMella and welcome to my website.  The Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love in this website describe who I am, what I do, when and where I do it, and how I do it.  My website provides original videos, art, writing, and music created by Me (from knowledge of me, the wisdom of my spirit, and in unconditional love who is my Father).   The pictures above depict all three from left to right.

You can also visit my YouTube Channel by clicking on the YouTube Icon at the top of this webpage.  There are no commercials and I don’t make money off my channel.

You can also read my book “Trilogy” under the What I AM (Trilogy) heading above.  Trilogy shares accounts along with the knowledge, wisdom, and love I acquired by walking with my Spirit for the last 20 years and finally becoming intimate with both my Spirit and our Father of True Love that make up the complete Me.

I was born in 1966 and am what they call a renaissance person because I enjoy creating my own art, writings, and music.  I also enjoy getting my hands dirty, investigating how materials work, and analyzing them, which is why I have made my living as an aerospace engineer for over 16 years and was a helicopter mechanic for nearly four before that.

I was diagnosed with severe General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and moderate Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) about 10 years ago or so, and have been on medications since that have helped my quality of life a lot.  Before that, I would meditate in meeting my Spirit who would calm me down so that I could function and sleep.  Having more and more constant episodes, I obeyed my Spirit in getting the help I needed.

My wife, Kat, and I have been married since 1992, and we love animals.  We have cats.  One of the first things my Spirit said to me in the beginning of getting to known each other was, when you are confused, ask your wife.  I’m still in love with Kat to this day.

You’ll discover much more about me throughout my videos, art, writings, and music on this website. 

My Role Model:

Many of us did not have good role models or any role models to help guide us.  My mother was a good role model for knowing good from bad and providing me the true and beneficial meaning of sufferance.  My father was a domineering, abusive, and narcissistic person, who I saw maybe a handful of times after my parents divorced.   But it was my own Christ-Spirit who raised me through my own spiritual childhood, adolescence, and adulthood and looked over me in those early years.

I recorded my journey as my spirit told me to do and created a map of it over a 20-plus-year period.  You can find my map under Where and When I Go above.

Please enjoy my website.  I hope you find great insights about you from your spirit and in the Love of our Father.  

I want to thank my mother and brother, my maternal Grandmother and Grandfather for their caring.  I also want to thank Mr. Fred Rogers through the “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” television series who gave me a sense of calmness and hope while I was young and fatherless.  And in the utmost, I thank God my true father, my Spirit for loving me with all understanding and without ever asking for retribution.  And finally I thank me for the courage to trust Them. 


Love and Peace Everyone,