To Give God’s Children Insight So That They May Grow Up Healthy and In Love

While growing up, I had deeply invested myself in family members and in many different churches and denominations–from Catholic and Protestant to Non-Denominational–and later in life even became a pastor in one of them, and I can tell you that never will you be free and at peace if not by being intimate with your own Spirit and the Unconditional Love that is God.  You cannot become intimate with God by continuing to walk in another’s person, church, denomination, religion, or faith because God is a personal God.  Become intimate with God and then walk.


When a person is first born or reborn, he or she senses the need to go find Love (God).  The logical place is the parents or the church.  However, most parents and churches are not spiritually mature enough to have the wisdom of the Spirit, and thus, the intimacy of God.  All they have is the knowledge of the Spirit and God.  And it is really the intimacy that everyone is looking for.   And so many get caught up in their families and these churches.   Those who you perceive as loving shame or pity you for wanting to leave or become aggressive for questioning their authority or manipulate and deceive you into joining and staying, what is commonly called gaslighting.  And you become lost in the dark.


These family members and church leaders neither have the wisdom of the Spirit nor are they themselves intimate with God but they believe they are.  So wanting to leave them is a clear sign that the Spirit is calling you out, and is why so many have left already.  However, you have not been allowed to connect with the true Spirit, and so you continue to feel guilty, ashamed, terrified, and very anxious for wanting to leave or having left.  You still feel lost, and whether you realize it or not, you’re still battling for your Life.


As Jesus said, he did not come to unite you with your abuser but to deliver you from him or her.  And as God said, He takes special heart for the widow, the orphan, and the alien.


I am not a Christian counselor or therapist, only a Man of God with spiritual gifts who loves you very much.  But don’t take my word for it.  Find out for yourself.


So, I give to you freely all of Me–all my Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love–through this Website to help you find a way to God by not going back but by moving forward.


Love and Peace,