Please contact me ONLY IF you need anything clarified or wish to share how this website helped you.  I will reply to you only with my knowledge and wisdom from my own experience in an unconditionally loving way.  I expect nothing of you now and in the future.

There is nothing and no one on this website that is infallible, except God who is Unconditional Love and the Spirit in you whose way is unconditionally loving.  Remember, Love never fails.  It has never failed me.

I will not reply to you with any opinions or negative remarks, so I ask you to do the same.  Thanks.

Please note that I am only professed on the content of this website and am not a counselor.  So please do not depend on me for advice because I will not give it, except that you keep seeking for what you are looking for and to depend on your own counselor (Spirit) within you in all that you seek.

Peace and Love,