Introduction of Trilogy

I died when I was about two years old.  Obviously not physically, but enough.  My throat closed.  My father who was a respiratory therapist at the time noticed me opening and shutting the door to the closet back and forth quickly and knew it was a symptom of a child who has suddenly stopped breathing.  My father took me and my mother rushed to get my brother, who was two years older.  Atypical of my brother at the time, he didn’t resist going.

My father drove like crazy to the hospital that he worked at while my mother gave me CPR.  I was turning blue.  Upon arriving at the emergency room, my father took me in his arms and rushed me into the emergency room where the nurse on duty recognized him.  As soon as she heard my father yelling that my throat had closed, she got on the loud speaker code blue.  Unbeknownst, a top respiratory surgeon, who just happened to be making a few rounds, heard the code blue and ran to the operating room and performed an emergency tracheotomy.

According to the surgeon afterwards, the mortality rate at the time for a toddler with my symptoms was 98 percent; only a two percent chance of living.  That was in 1967.  And I still have the scar to prove it.  My mother said that when I woke up, I was different.  My pronunciation of words were clearer and my mind was sharper than before.

Sometime after–I remember as far back as 3 or 4–I kept having a recurring dream, over and over again.  I was outside a long and narrow building somewhere in the woods.  It was at night, but there was some light to see things.  The door to the building was at the left short side of the building.  I was tiny and stood in the grass a good distance from the door next to a forest on my left.  The door was up a bit on my right.  Beside me were two women; one on the left of me and one on the right as small as me.

Just then a very tall man dressed in white walked by me, went up to the building, opened the door, and walked inside.  I think he had black shoes on, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, I was about the height of his shoes or so.  I followed him trying to keep up.  When I entered the building, there was a long hallway in front of me and several doors lined up on the right and left side opposite of each other.

I kept following the man.  He had dark colored hair–like dark brown or black.  After a long walk down the hall, he turned and entered into a room.  I heard some talking in the room.  The hall was brightly lit outside the room.  I leaned into the doorway, and and an enormous bright light shown from inside the room.  It was then that I always woke up.

Why was it night?  What was the building and the door leading into it?  Who were the angels?  Who was the man?  What was the hallway?  What were all those doors on the right and left?  Who was the man talking to in the brightly lit room?  And why was I there?

The Trilogy answers all these questions from both psychological and spiritual perspectives aligned as one.  The Trilogy psychologically validates the spiritual Jesus and the spiritual Jesus validates the psychologically of the day but with, what I believe, to be some greater truths or realities.

It wasn’t until my book was complete and just now writing the introduction that the Trilogy is that dream come to life.  That is, my life with my Spirit from the time I heard God calling me at age 34 in Year 2000 to now at age 54 in Year 2021.  I put together an hour-long audiobook of what happened at age 34.  You can listen to it for free on my website,

The Trilogy is a collection of three books I have written over my 20-plus-years with my Spirit that provide the accounts of my journey.  The first book, “The River of Life”, gives you the knowledge of the journey.  The second book, “Wisdom from the River”, gives you the wisdom of the journey.  The third book, “The Book of the Seven Sermons”, gives you the message I was to deliver to the churches that I actually delivered to the church I was pastoring.  And at the end is the compendium that sums everything up–the books, the dream, the Bible, and the psychology of it all.

I’ve had many dreams along my journey as you will see.  I give you this one to start you off.

I was inside a forest on one side of this bridge that stretched over a small chasm, and on the other side, I saw Myself.  As I stepped on the bridge to walk to the other side, both the bridge and I on the other side disappeared.  Soon I realized that the only way to get to the other side was to take the long way around by the path that began behind me.  And so I turned around and took it, and when I approached the end of the path, I was happy.  And I looked over the chasm to the beginning, and I was staring back at me, and I then felt a great sorrow that I hadn’t yet turned around.

Now that I Am there, I must deliver My labor of love—a passion or love child—in some form or fashion with a Spirit of its very own to the world as I stay Home.  For no one gets to be at Peace—that is, enter into the City of God—without first delivering to the world some form of passion between the love of he or she and his or her Spirit and the Father who has called him or she Home.  For some, it may be a biological child, and for others, a child in some other form.  This book has been my labor of Love for over 20 years now with my Spirit.  And it is time now to deliver it.

And so now We as One give to you the Trilogy. 

Love and Peace,