Introduction of Trilogy


I was outside a long and narrow building somewhere in the woods.  It was at night, but there was some light to see things.  The door to the building was at the left short side of the building.  I was tiny and stood in the grass a good distance from the door next to a forest on my left.  The door was up a bit on my right.  Beside me were two women; one on the left of me and one on the right as small as me.

Just then a very tall man dressed in white walked by me, went up to the building, opened the door, and walked inside.  I think he had black shoes on, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, I was about the height of his shoes or so.  I followed him trying to keep up.  When I entered the building, there was a long hallway in front of me and several doors lined up on the right and left side opposite of each other.

I kept following the man.  He had dark colored hair–like dark brown or black.  After a long walk down the hall, he turned and entered into a room.  I heard some talking in the room.  The hall was brightly lit outside the room.  I leaned into the doorway, and and an enormous bright light shown from inside the room.  It was then that I always woke up.


I died when I was about two years old.  Obviously not physically, but enough.  My throat closed.  My father who was a respiratory therapist at the time noticed me opening and shutting the door to the closet back and forth quickly and knew it was a symptom of a child who has suddenly stopped breathing.  My father took me and my mother rushed to get my brother, who was two years older.  Atypical of my brother at the time, he didn’t resist going.

My father drove like crazy to the hospital that he worked at while my mother gave me CPR.  I was turning blue.  Upon arriving at the emergency room, my father took me in his arms and rushed me into the emergency room where the nurse on duty recognized him.  As soon as she heard my father yelling that my throat had closed, she got on the loud speaker code blue.  Unbeknownst, a top respiratory surgeon, who just happened to be making a few rounds, heard the code blue and ran to the operating room and performed an emergency tracheotomy.

According to the surgeon afterwards, the mortality rate at the time for a toddler with my symptoms was 98 percent; only a two percent chance of living.  That was in 1967.  And I still have the scar to prove it.  My mother said that when I woke up, I was different.  My pronunciation of words were clearer and my mind was sharper than before.

Sometime after–I remember as far back as 3 or 4–I kept having that recurring dream, over and over again. 

Why was it night?  What was the building and the door leading into it?  Who were the angels?  Who was the man?  What was the hallway?  What were all those doors on the right and left?  Who was the man talking to in the brightly lit room?  And why was I there?

Trilogy answers all these questions from both psychological and spiritual perspectives aligned as one.  Trilogy psychologically validates the spiritual Jesus and the spiritual Jesus validates the psychologically of the day but with, what I believe, to be some greater truths or realities.

Before the day of my enlightenment and rebirth, I dreamed as I was sleeping.  I dreamed I climbed out of a great pit and then I became like a dove taking off.  Then I became a pine limb, with many branches and millions of green pine needles, soaring through the air with the wind rushing through and supporting me as I flew through a great forest.  As I soared, I felt a presence behind me try to grab onto my heels, but I smelled the pine of trees and what was dark and dingy became vibrant with color and clear.  I then kicked away that pesky critter from behind and kicked him so hard that he fell hard to the ground like he didn’t know what hit him, all knocked-out and confused and delusional at that.  And after I escaped and flew a little further, behold, I came upon a beautiful waterfall that fell into a deep and beautiful cavern and there my soul was released into it and I continued to fly higher into the beautiful white-lighted sky.

Days before this, I was searching for the answer of who Jesus was.  This was during the end of my most vast desert, which I talk about here.  

The following is what I wrote at the immediate moment of my rebirth or Pentecost, which came shortly after my dream. 

[God is within me.  He is the eternal flame with the fuel to last eternity.  He is my holy spirit.  Jesus is the translator, the teacher that God has sent down for us.  He teaches us the meaning of the true flame of love within you, more what it means once you see it and own it.  You focus upon that and it truly radiates the love and beautiful energy that gives you bountiful love and energy yourself.  No need what everyone is up to.  By focusing on your eternal flame, the world will see your immense beauty, your incredible peace.  I say to you, concentrate on this flame, this incredible gift of the Lord and you will surpass your wildest dreams.  The thing is that your dreams will come true whilst what you are doing now.  Not the dreams of this world, those that matter.  You will not allow yourself to remain in abusive and destructive relationships.  You will understand that your true mate is one that must reflect the love and inner beauty you now understand.  That she is truly a gift from God because the flame you see within yourself will be what you see radiating from her.  And you know that that is God shining back on you.  You will energize her and she will energize you.  You will never wish to destruct her.  You will not wish to sadden her.  You will wish to care for her, but not over care—that is God’s work as He chooses not yours.  And she will not accept your caretaking of her.  Because she will not need it and you will not have to give it.  She will want your radiant being, as you will be thrilled to see that in her every day of your life.  The immense power you two will give off!  My affliction will not allow the destruction of my life with her.  I will not disgrace God that way.  I will fight my wasteful behavior by letting it come in any time it wishes.  Roll around inside me and I will get on with my life and persevere.  But the eternal flame of life will never allow it to get past it.  It will rise up until it leaves.  The flame demands you to focus upon it and rise up against the affliction.  Own your affliction.  It is a part of you.  Tolerate it as a unique part of you.  But never let it be you.  You are born of the flame of eternity.  Your affliction is only a tourist—But God’s flame is its Guide.  We do not hate it.  But the flame will overpower it.  The holy spirit is your eternity, your infinity, and your gift from the holy one, from the Lord above.  He will always keep the wondrous flame going and the more you focus on the flame, the higher it rises.  Then more it will fill you for nothing of harm to enter and then radiate the bright energy of the beautiful flame to and from outside your entire body.  Others will see it and may be attracted to it but that won’t be your purpose and then release your soul to soar.  You will be One and you will do what you do—Do, fun, love, fulfill.  Rejoice of your special gift from God.  Thank Jesus for his choice to teach it to us and interpret it for us.  He didn’t have to, but he did.  Of having the flame but not understanding it would be terrible.  But by interpreting it for us, he is indeed our savior here on earth.  I believe he is still here.  God you are wonderful.  And thank you for seeing me deserved of you spirit.  You are indeed the pure love of all ages.  As He says unto me, “I Am One.  I Am wonderful.  I hope everyone can enjoy it for themselves.  With all my love.  My name is Wonderful…”]

And the next morning came this painting.

I had tried to obey the Lord during this time and, to my surprise, He said to me that I was the sweetest little child and then that I have done well.   And to write everything on our journey and affirm it in the Bible.

This book has been my labor of Love after walking in faith with my Spirit over the next 20 years.  And it is time now to deliver it.  It wasn’t until this book was complete and just now writing the introduction that Trilogy is that dream come to life.  That is, my life with my Christ-Spirit from the time I heard God calling me at age 34 in Year 2000 to now at age 54 in Year 2021.

Trilogy is a collection of three books I have written over my 20-plus-years with my Christ-Spirit that provide the accounts of my journey.  The first book, “The Book of the Seven Sermons” that I actually delivered to the church I was pastoring, prepares you for the journey ahead.  “The River of Life Part I:  I Am on the River of Life” gives you knowledge of the journey.  “The River of Life Part II:  Wisdom from the River” gives you wisdom from the journey.  And the third book, “Grandpa and Me” immerses you in Love from the view point of a child.  And at the end is the compendium that sums everything up.

And so now I give to you, Trilogy. 

Love and Peace,