Audio Video: My Testimony on Leaving Religion Behind

Audio Video:  Church is supposed to be a good thing to give you some basic understanding of God, God’s Spirit, and you in the world.  It is supposed to introduce you to a spirit of unconditional love that resides within you via baptism and then let go and hand you over to it.  This is supposed to be your experience in the First Heaven in the Kingdom of God.  Letting you go and you venturing off with your own spirit is called promoting self-esteem (you in connection with your spirit).  But when the church won’t let go, they deny you this self-esteem that they typically equate only to their most highest religious leaders being able to have.  This is the same in families and household as well.  And that is where the mental illness begins somewhere around the time that adolescence begins (typically 12 to 14 years old).  Many churches will use a ritual like Confirmation to keep you from leaving or as they call it “straying”.

You can hear my testimony on why I left religion behind in the First Heaven of Spiritual Childhood to progress in faith by following the spirit within me in the Second Heaven of Spiritual Adolescence and on my way to the Third Heaven of Spiritual Adulthood at: