Poetry of Grace (Collection)

Poetry of Grace Cover


‘Tis Thee O’ My Father

-For When You Need to Feel Found-

(Luke 15:11-32)


‘Tis thee o’ my Father,

Confused in what is real.

Lost to my wits and seeking out others,

For my soul to heal.

Following this and following that,

Searching everywhere.

And yet to no avail,

For here I reappear.

Of this place I know no mercy,

Of this place I know Nowhere.

No one knows the shame,

And the pain that I have hidden.

A shame that I obtained,

That I beg to be forgiven.

Comfort me my Father,

For I know not where to go.

Deliver to me your Truth,

So I will not feel alone.

Show to me your hands,

So that I may come nestle in your arms.

And make for me a bed,

As a newborn safe and warm.





-For When You Need to Feel Accepted-

(John 4:10 and 21:15-19)


Swimming in the swills of my empty bay,

Oh, how I’m rocking and dipping and diving today!

Oh, Father, how dear escaping in dream,

As I drink the byways of this cascading stream.

As I sink to the depths of my suff’ring interior,

I am saved by the net of this trusty superior.

I can’t place my finger on this thing.

Albeit smooth and tranquil, yet dissolving.

How is it that I’ve lost my senses, of time?

Drinking and drinking my holy wine.

Oh, wretched me, my quaking soul!

Reel me in already, my insatiable lull!


But awaken!  My heart do I hear,

Love in the distance broadening in cheer?

For me?  Oh no, not for this one.

Really, me?  I am no someone.

What?  Soon you will come and show this to me?

Well, where do I go?  How do I see?

What have I done to deserve such attention?

God is that you?  Quiet!  I can’t quite hear Him.


Me.  Yes, Me, is who you hear in the distance.


Shake me up and stir me with gladness.  I don’t know my Love, my station, my status.


Just give Me your hand and give Me your drink.


Hold on, my Love, this one’s for you, before I sink.


Poor, wretched bloke!  What is it you need?!


Your love and desire I need to receive.


Then, child, let it be.  Take my hand, and come with Me.


Just Being Human

-For When You Need to Feel Forgiven-

(John 14:27)


There is nothing you can or will ever do

That will make God ever leave or stop loving you.

Cheat, steal, or borrow,

Love today or hate tomorrow.

If one moment cloudy and the next moment sunny,

Cry because it’s sad, cry because it’s funny,

Or maybe ‘cause I ain’t workin’ and I ain’t got no money.


Do you think I’m lazy or I’m crazy to live with all this feelin’?

Well, I ain’t low and on the floor,

And I don’t keep hittin’ that high ceilin’.


You gonna keep all that control and keep judgin’ you and me?

Or are you gonna give it a go in some sweet and decent ambiguity?


Trip on a stone, Throw me a bone.

Write when ya wanna, Sign it “Love, Santa”.

Whatever you do, do it whateva,

Just do it in love and soon you’ll feel betta.

But if you don’t, that’s okay,

He’ll still love you either way.

And if you slipped and if you fell,

It’s probably ‘cause you slipped and fell.


Who knows the why, the how, the what, and the who?

Just keep on doin’ that thing that you do.

Then one day, you’ll wake up and say,

“Isn’t this nice. Hey, this is okay!”


So, just do your best to love one another,

Show some love to your sister or brother.

‘Cause if God is perfect, then He knew what He was doin’.

How do you give up all you’ve got?


By Just Bein’ Human.




It Is What It Is (Wake Up O’ Sleeper)

-For When You Need to Feel Respected-

(Ephesians 5:6-21)


Why do I need to always know why?

Must I have everything done on my terms?

Can’t I accept you as you lie?

Why am I always, the one getting burned?

Maybe it’s possible that you’re justified,

And that I have really yet learned,

That you are you and I am I,

Oh why—why!—can’t I just say goodbye?

I must, I must—decide—to let sleeping dogs lie.

A person sees what he wants to see,

I must weed, truth from belief.

When seeing truth, what more do I need?

No longer my opinions will I feel I must feed.

And continue to prolong my agony.

It is what it is, your ways are your ways,

It is up to you to change—to stray,

And meet the truth.

To grow and mature—separate from youth.

What am I saying—that faith is given and trust received?

That I am no longer your reprieve?

A child is a child, and a man a man?

And that I’ve done everything I possibly can?

Yes, that’s it!

Yes, that’s it!

So listen Bub,

I’ll tell you straight up,

I’ve had enough!

I’ve handed you over to the One above!

 ‘Cause it is what it is and it is you who I see.

You—You—Just you who you be.

I’m outta here and on my way to finding me!


What Matters Most

-For When You Need to Feel Hopeful-

(James 3:13 through 4:10)


Was it your pretty smile?

Was it your stoic style?

Was it your quiet means?

Was it your tight-fittin’ jeans?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

Was the way, you were okay, without being there with me.

Was it that I was so needy?

Was it that I saw my mind, so supremy?

Was it that I saw you easy (to control and manipulate)?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

Was that I found you, but I was, afraid of finding me.

Was it that I would have folded, if I didn’t have you to follow?

Was it that I got so angry, in my pity and my wallow?

Was it that my failures alone, were just too hard for me to swallow?

Was it that I felt, so hollow?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

Was the way you handled yourself, in spite of, me not knowing me.

Was it when I got the courage, to face my greatest fears?

Was it after I felt feelings, that brought me into tears?

Was it when, I listened, to what the Lord was saying?

Was it when He said, I love you, My child, you are so worthy, of Me saving?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

Was how much I saw He loved you, but I figured I must be,

Doing something wrong, or there was something wrong with me.

Was it then, when I listened, to what He had to say?

Was it then, when I let Him, love me all the way?

Was it then, when I felt peaceful, after being gentle?

Was it then, when I listened, to my friend, who saw me through-it-all?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

Was a woman who is loving, with problems just like me.

I understand it’s hard, to have your trust in me.

I understand my actions, are not what you’ve liked to see.

I hope that you forgive me, for what I used to be.

I hope in time, I’ll find, your trust, safe inside of me.

I tell you what matters most, now that I can see,

Is one woman and one man, loving, loving.


In My Life

-For When You Need to Feel Sure and Secure-

(John 14:1-4)


In my life, I have searched for answers everywhere I could.

I traveled over land and swam in oceans.

I searched the outermost reaches of my mind.

I studied and pondered over my logic and my emotions.

I tried to figure out “why” when it came to suffering.

I even looked up at the stars wondering.

And in all those journeys, I never found an answer.


And then I sought God and on the way I found Jesus, and, in this journey, I found the answer I was looking for.

It was LOVE that opened up the door.


And then I realized that all along, through it all,

I was and still am just my Father’s child,

heeding my Father’s call,

From my Father’s home,

And ne’er had I been alone.




-For When You Need to Feel Comforted-

(Matthew 5:4)


Reach, reach my daughter,

To a heart that reaches back.

To the One who never lacks,

The love you need that always feeds.


Reach for the lap, that gives comfort in rain.

Arms that wrap, ‘round your soul when there’s pain.

Always believing, always relieving,

Always securing, always enduring.


Reach for Me, my daughter, and find a rainbow in your smile.

The beauty that goes on, for mile after mile.

So of your worries, need you not bother,

Come home to Me, my child, and be loved by your Father.



Forever More (A wife finds solace from God)

-For When You Need to Feel More Alive-

(Song of Solomon and John 16:17-33)


As I look to that horizon, crashing waves upon the shore,

I bereave the day I met you, look away, away once more.

The sail that I once longed for, lay decrepit in the sea,

Through your eyes, my dreams had shown me, look away my memory.


And I’ve replaced no lover, with the lips I’ve shared with you,

And I have never loved you, more than now I do.

Rain pours when clouds are lonely,

They share their lives with you.

But gone, they pass so quickly,

And their lives within them too.


My hopes ten years in passing, kept sifting like the sand.

The waves are reaching closer now, time to make my stand.

I’ve come here for a reason, the ring lay on my hand.

The love I sought, for so long, I found, from another Man.


And I’ll replace no lover, with the lips I’ve shared with you.

And I have never loved you, more than now I do.

Rain pours when clouds are lonely,

They share their lives with you.

But gone, they pass so quickly,

And their lives within them too.


Now, as I look to that horizon, calming waves upon the shore.

I can breathe the day I met you, what was lost I’ve found once more.

He brought me home to meet my Lover, and the sail that I longed for,

So that I—in my dreams and mem’ries—can love forever more.




-For When You Need to Feel Empowered-

(Philippians 1:12-30)


Leave the nest.  Go fly.


I have you in my hands, and I am now setting you free to go do what I created you to go do. 

 Go do.  Go fly.

 I will be with you always where ever you go.  I’m telling you to go now, so go!  Go with all My confidence and all your true you in that confidence, and make your life and your dreams work.  You have chosen My way and so now I give to you your choice in creating your own destiny.  Choose and go persevere greatly.  Plan your dreams and then go realize your dreams.

 Go, Go, Go!

 Make the noise so that all the world will know I have sent you!  Make the noise so that all will know I can do the same for them if they let Me! 


 Go be My beacon of true light and my example to the world and share My love with everyone.  Bring them to Me so that they will come to know themselves as well.

 Go, My child.

 You are My light.  You are My angel.  Now, go.  Go make your dreams realities.


My Grace is Sufficient

-For When You Need to Feel Worthy-

(2 Corinthians 12:7-10)


I Say to You:

 That, as My Child, My Grace is Sufficient enough.  You must not run away or harm yourself to numb and forget your pain.  You must go through it with Me, for as I say I will be there with you with endless mercy and forgiveness along the way for you will flaw (sin) but I will pick you up each and every time with all My Love to journey you forward.  For I tell you, as I have said, believeth in Me and your journey will not be easy but your reward will be great and you shall inherit the riches within My Kingdom.  You shall be healed and thus enter through the gate and be within the walls of My Great Sanctuary.  Even in that place inside you which I have provided you as My Holy Spirit lives to which it is now yours as well, I send My Angels to retrieve you.  For My Spirit within you is perfect and My Kingdom here where I dwell is so as well.  Thus, My Angels are sent only from those places I dwell.


Believeth in Me:

 For My Grace is upon you even now as we speak.  You are My Child, and I shall do whatever it takes to collect you and bring you back home to Me.  Do not feel guilt. Do not feel shame.  Feel worthwhile to receive My Love on your journey.  For My Grace, Mercy, and Forgiveness sanctifies you from your destruction.  When you feel or think destructive—and  you will from time to time because you are My Human Child—give them up to Me with trust and faith, and these destructive thoughts and feelings will disappear because they will be in My Hands now.  And continue to live in Grace.  My Grace is for you to live in forever.  I have spoken My Word and My Word is a pact of unwaivering truth between Me to you from now until the end of time.



Driven by Faith

-For When You Need to Feel Your Way-

(James 1:25)


I see you resting there, so innocent and unaware,

Without the wisdom to know, not sure when or where to go.


And I who knows everything, can’t believe how my heart sings,

Because you try and still go on, from dusk until dawn.


And it is this that melts my heart,

The reason I created you human from the start.

So gentle and unaware, yet devoted to live the most you can spare.


I’m speechless as I stare, at your beauty and drive, your tenacity, your vive.

Just doing, just doing, your living devotion,

It is I,

Who you make humble by your faith, by your motion.


And still you go on, so innocent and unknowing.

Not always sure which way the wind is blowing.


But still you go on, my beautiful child,

So filled with emotion, yet so timid, so mild,

So simple, so unsure, so scared, and so pure.


Oh, how I love you so!

My heart you have for all tomorrow.



Trust in the Love of Your Father

-For When You Need to Feel Befriended-

(Luke 10:26-28)

Oh, Lord, I have loved those I have had great faith in and they have crushed me.  And so I am scared to love.


“Oh, My Child, I love you.  Take my hand and be my partner for life and let me heal you.  You can find love again despite being in such places.  Be with the One who loves you and the One you love.  I will care for you as we pass together from this world to the next.  Then you will see what true love is and you will understand you have a wonderful life ahead of you.  You will leave a legacy of life for all who pass your way?  Serve them when they need you most.  Cry, My Child, so you can then laugh.  Freedom is a wonderful thing.  Serve and you shall know Me, and we will rule and find strength together.”


I wish to return to You, O’ Lord.  May in my journey, I gain more of You each day as I walk upon this wondrous earth You have created.  May I become alive in Your Beauty and may I rest among Your Creations, as one with the universe You have delighted in creating.  I must remember and feel that love holds onto no past accounts.



My Bride

-For When You Need to Feel Loved-

(John 3:29)


Walking home after school, can I carry your books for the rest of my life?

Tell me your secrets, I’ll tell you mine.

We play in the fields ev’ry Saturday morning,

The happiest times, that I remember, your golden hair blowing,

The sun on your face, without a care in this place,

Running here and there with your arms in the air.

As a little girl, I help you wipe away your tears.

To my best friend, for the rest of my years.


In a café on a street corner,

She’s an image through the glass, an unmistakable glare.

I walk and I peer,


Through the window as she sits on the stool with her uptown aire.

I fall into a trance, as she magnifies my stare.

The girl I knew whence, my best friend for years.

Yes, I stand there and stare, and I stand there and stare,

At the one that I love, my wife for now nearly a year.


We sit on the rocks staring over the ocean.

To me you’re my rock and the ocean your potion,

That still sets me in motion,

In this short time I have as your Husband and you, my devotion.

And if you get sick or shed some sorrow,

My health and my life, I give you to borrow,

For the rest of my life, till the ends of tomorrow.


Now seventy-seven and using a cane,

I and my wife ride inside a train.

Across from me she sits, stealing the scenery of the English terrain,

As an inquisitive young dame.

My heart melts as I stare at her elderly frame,

And I fall in love with her, all over again.


And now, on the porch at ninety-nine,

Holding her hand, inside of mine.

With the sun about to set,

I dream like a fool,

Walking home after school,

With the little girl, I just met.


And the sun has set.



A Love That’s Home-grown

-For When You Need to Feel Nurtured-

(Song of Solomon 3:4)


Mem’ries of a warm summer day,

When Mom and I used to play,

In the backyard of our little home,

Picnics and flowers and love home-grown.


As a boy matures, he forgets the rhyme,

Of love with his mother in summer time.

He searches himself far from home,

Yet really deep down is that love home-grown.


A man sees his life somewhat confusing,

His time in summer he finds himself losing.

Dealing in this and figuring out that, he has no home.

But somewhere deep down is still love home-grown.


“What is important?  What does life mean?”

He says to himself far from the scene.

“Is life worth living without a home?”

“Is life worth living without love home-grown?”


Then one day in blows a warm summer’s day.

And he recaptures that love that ne’er did fade.

And he feels himself returning to home.

Picnics and flowers and a love that’s home-grown.


Today, I celebrate my mother for whom I know,

Planted in me a long time ago,

The best kind of love, in a place I call home.

The best kind of love, the kind that’s home-grown.