Preface of Trilogy

Folks, I’m putting this out there so you can decide for yourself upfront if you want to venture any further.  I’m not a salesman, manipulator, or a con artist.  I’m not a psychologist, therapist, or trained specialist.  And I’m not you.  The in depth details I leave to you and them.  I just know what I know while experiencing what I experienced.  So I’ll be straight and honest.

In this preface, before you get into the stories of Trilogy, I’m going to get down right real with you and provide you the Knowledge that I know.  Wisdom will come later.  Trilogy is my account of traveling with the holy spirit in me.  It is how me (small m) became Me (my complete truth or self with a capital M that includes God that is Love, the Spirit’s spirit in me, and me as one Me).  Believe Me or not; accept Me or not.  Your choice.  But if you can be open-minded, have just the tiniest bit of faith in Me, you may get some knowledge, wisdom, and love from Trilogy that could make a difference in your life.

First of all, you need to know that Trilogy is not a religious or spiritual text.  It is meant to only provide informational knowledge and in several different ways so that it will relate to as many people as possible.  I know Trilogy is truthful, at least in general, because it’s from my own actual experiences.  It’s how my Holy Spirit in me raised me.  But I suggest that you verify it yourself as you walk with your own spirit, just as my spirit told me to do with Jesus’ words in the Bible.  I’ll leave out the details because my details are mine as your details of your life are yours as you walk with your own spirit in your own journey–on your own River of Life in your own part of God’s Kingdom. 

As you will see, following religious or spiritual texts as literal prevents you from growing up.  Why? Because as you mature by going deeper with your spirit, the literal becomes spiritual.  This means that conditional (prejudiced) love and acceptance become unconditional love and acceptance.  I’m not against church, not at all, except when the church does not know when to stop being a church and oversteps its boundaries and thus yours.  Rather than start being your friend, they rather parent you for life, which is selfish and abusive.  That is, to stop telling you how to run your life, and just be supportive (accepting).  To let go and hand you over to your spirit in full trust that your spirit has your back.

Sadly, in my experience, this is pretty rare.  Very few seem to be on the River.  Remember Jesus said that your spirit will tell you and give to you way more than what he had told and given his disciples while with them on earth.  The natural flow of the River takes you farther than any church on earth could, and they should know it.

All the churches that I’ve been in are patriarchal and act in authority rather than in love with you.  This only means they are little boys trying to be grown up men and have no idea how.  Yes, there are some people in every religion and denomination I’ve been in that are enlightened (farther along on the River of Life), even more than their leaders.  And I’ve met one or two leaders as well that seem genuine, but again very few and very far between, and still will not “rock” their church’s texts too much.  If they did, they probably wouldn’t be allowed by their own leaders and congregation to be in the position they are in.  I know because I was a pastor once, albeit for a very short time but time enough and very well spent.

Secondly, I am not a Christian in the common organized religious vernacular.  I am Christ-Spirited.  There is a difference.  I have been a member of many Christian religions and even a pastor in one of them.  I’m known as a mortal sinner in the Catholic Church for not believing that the Church is the Faith nor marrying within that faith with a priest present after having been once confirmed.  And I left the Protestant churches because, also like Catholicism, I follow my own Christ-Spirit and not an in-house religious book or a legalistic view of the Bible.  And in all the other religions, including those, I just got tired of the merry-go-around and the roller coaster of the inequality between males and females and whatever type of person is apparently subservient in whatever religious text that goes with that religion.

And in my lengthy search, I can tell you that none are unconditionally accepting of the truth of others because none are living their own truth and thus not allowed to live their own truth.  I have heard so many times, “You just want to do what you want to do.  You need to get real with God.”  Real with God.  They mean real that matches up to their reality.  In other words, the church is God if you logically think about it.  The Catholics believe that, although they’ll tell you just the opposite.

But read their texts and how they believe.  They believe they are the New Jerusalem.  They believe that they are the final word between how good or bad you are.  And at the age of 13, just like the Jewish Church, you must decide to be confirmed in their church or you aren’t devout enough.  They believe the Protestant churches are just a spin-off of theirs and so not really the full church.  At 13?  You can’t even sign a temporary contract at 13.  But you are supposed to sign a contract with a church, ohhhh, just for the rest of your life.  And if you fall away, you are in mortal sin.  Can you say cult and mental illness?

But the other churches are like that also, just to a lesser degree.  I’ve been in so many.  “That’s not according to the Bible.  That’s not what Jesus says.”  They’re only in the First Heaven.  They couldn’t understand the depth of what Jesus was saying if they tried for a thousand years.  That is why, in the Old Testament, it says that a thousand years on earth is like one year in heaven, meaning the Third Heaven.

Jeru in Hebrew means flow.  Salem in Hebrew means complete or whole.  In other words, it’s where the flow of the river takes you to the complete or whole you, which in Trilogy is the first harbor in the Third Heaven.  In other words, the New Jerusalem means the new you or You (capital Y).  The New Jerusalem is the last heaven on earth and is also described at the end of the Book of Revelation.  It is certainly not a church, unless the church is you and you are a new church or Church (capital C).

You are the church that Jesus was telling Peter he will be that will wind up delivering the message in the Great Commission to everyone else.  The problem is that whoever took over after Peter and whomever after that blew it all out of proportion to become the master of you.  This is common of all religions and churches and forms of government and institutions even today.  The true spirit of its creation becomes lost as soon as the founder or founders die.  If you want the spirit to come back, it is you who has to go to the root; that is, too the truth or spirit of that founder.

Christ has already come back to claim you, and guide you to the Father.  But you have to go through the Second Heaven–the battle that is spiritual adolescence–before you get there.  Are you willing to do this?  Are you will to leave your church and follow the spirit in you to become your own Church (God the Father that is Love, you, and the Spirit’s spirit in you as one complete or whole being)?

The wisdom you gain in the Second Heaven makes the knowledge in the First Heaven seem elementary, which is what it is supposed to do.  In this preface, I give you milk (knowledge) to drink and quench your thirst so that you can digest solid food (wisdom) later.  And so, take this as my blood to drink in the Bible means to fill yourself with knowledge; not actually drink blood.  And take this as my flesh to eat means to fill yourself with wisdom; not actually eat flesh.  That is how a child would understand these words as read from a book.  Black and white thinking.  Literal interpretation.

And the closer you are in the First Heaven to the front door, the more fantastical is your thinking.  The more literal you take things.  The more manic and grandiose thinking you have, and thus, the more psychotic you are.  Sounds very much like the insane psychopathic and sociopathic Roman Emperors of the day, especially when you believe that you are the spirit-in-person when giving communion and what you are drinking is real blood and what you are eating is real flesh.

And the other religions — Buddhism and so forth.  Closer to the Second Heaven so more humanely developed than Christianity (the world’s Christian Churches), but you still have to do this and you have to do that.  The Eight Fold path in Buddhism and other paths in other religions where you consciously do things like a laundry list of items.  Not to say all paths don’t lead to the Third Heaven.

It’s true all paths in the First Heaven will lead to the Second Heaven if you narrow your path down to the River to meet your spirit at the end.  But only your spirit can lead you through the Second Heaven and into the Third.  Only the Spirit’s spirit in you.  Consciousness is just that, consciousness.  What happens when all you do is obey what the spirit of unconditional love tells you to do now that you have the knowledge of who and what the spirit is?  You get healed.  You come into the reality of the real you.

True reality can never be revealed until you come to obey the spirit in you.  Once you were in reality, in true love, in Love.  But the trauma of betrayal and abandonment and the power (inability) to face it threw you out of reality.  For some, it threw you so far back that just believing in true love (Love) was incredibly hard and you put up eight more walls to protect you from ever being thrown out again.  God didn’t throw you out; the mentally ill parents and churches threw you out.  And God wants you back home.  But as long as you idolize your parents and the leaders of these churches and religions, you will never get there.

What are the first and second commandments in the Old Testament?  We don’t infant baptize so that the parents and the child will know that whatever church or religion you belong to is to be idolized right off the bat.  We don’t baptize, period, in any religion or church and then say to others “I didn’t see you on Sunday”.  Your response should always be to these people, “Talk to my spirit.  I’m in the Second Heaven where I belong.  Perhaps one day I’ll see you here,” and walk away.  Eventually you will gain the confidence to empathize the sad delusion they are under, as was you.  But your job is not to console them or to save them.  That’s the job of their spirit in them.  Your job is to do whatever your spirit who is unconditionally loving in you tells you to do.

You must come to trust in you before you can ever ask someone else.  You only have some knowledge, but the spirit has the wisdom.  Without wisdom–the “what is true love from false love or immature love”–you don’t go very far, and you take whomever you are with down the same rabbit hole as you.   In other words, without the spirit’s wisdom, you don’t make it to the “real in love” (Love).

Today, the trendy words are meditation, mindfulness, and consciousness.  Understand that the First Heaven is all about consciousness because it is consciousness (conscious awakening).  But it’s mental consciousness.  Only your spirit can take you through the Second Heaven of emotional consciousness (trusting yourself within, your spirit, your intuition), and into the Third Heaven of unconsciousness or being (Being the real you; your truth; the natural you; the you without the mask you require to hide your shadow or what the world comes down on you for having your “bad side of you” in order to make it through the First Heaven or world).

Believe me that when you walk with your spirit through the Second Heaven, you’ll see just how “bad” your shadow is, and unless you’re insane, you’ll wind up saying “fuck you” to the people and the churches of the world.  And you will lose “their” brand of conscience and come to find your own.  The insane do not hate the world.  They love fucking with the world to the point of never wanting the world to ever go away.

Look at all the eastern religions, and western religions too.   How many of them still try to control their emotions?  They can only control them temporarily.  How long does their form of meditation wear off over time.  About the same as going to a charismatic church on Sunday.  There’s no long term control that comes from knowing the wisdom of the Spirit and being in the love of God.  Just look how they all still treat their females with respect to religion and religious thinking.  Second class citizens.

Jesus was right that the only way to God–to the Third Heaven–is by the Spirit’s spirit in you.  No guru, no priest, no pope, no pastor, no church, and no therapist is going to get you there.  Support your journey?  Sure.  Be your journey?  No.  For instance, I went to a therapist when I left for my own personal desert to help support me when I would get distraught in anxiety.  It helped just to know that I would be seeing her once a week.  This was before I accepted my spirit’s truth and was devoted to my spirit.

Later, about 10 years ago or so, I was diagnosed with severe General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and moderate Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and severe sleep apnea.  I have been on medications since that have helped my quality of life a lot.  Before that, I would meditate in meeting my spirit and incorporate mindfulness to sustain our discussions, and my spirit would calm me down so that I could function and sleep.  So many times it would just say the word, “Relax”, and I would obey.  Having more and more constant episodes, I obeyed my spirit in getting the help I needed so that I could function well continuously throughout my life in the conscious world.

The spirit does not want you to suffer.  It’s into sufferance (patiently enduring while it helps you heal) but not intentional suffering.  Intentional suffering is the person’s doing because the person believes he or she is not worthy in the sight of whoever he or she idolizes.  The Spirit sees you as worthy.  Those who won’t get off their high horses will allow you to continue suffering for their sake.

I have gone through the Second Heaven and am now in the Third as a complete person of a trinity that began as me (small m) at first, then the Spirit’s spirit in me plus me at second, and then God plus spirit plus me at third.  It is this third that I am the “I Am” (capital A)– the complete or whole Me (capital M).   In the beginning I asked, “Who am I?”, and I discovered later in the Third Heaven that I am is who I Am (capital A) with all the knowledge I had, wisdom I gained and love I found.

This is the same as the Old Testament (knowledge of and preparation for the coming of the Spirit), and New Testament (wisdom and walking in faith with the Spirit).  And so there is one final testament missing.  This testament is You (capital Y) made up of the knowledge, wisdom, and love of the Spirit (Capital S) by the Spirit’s spirit (small s) in You (capital Y) and you (small y) being conscious of all three.  Therefore, there can be no single final testament from only one person.  The Third and Final Testament from the Third Heaven must be a testament that embodies the collective of persons whom have awakened to and traveled all three.

Once you know that the world or heaven they live in and have rule over is only the first of three, you can jump ship on that lot with a solid direction and with your own justification.  They all live in a fantasy world that is the First Heaven.  Believe Me when I tell you that you will never find unconditional love or unconditional acceptance in that Heaven, which is where we have all started our spiritual journey.

One of the first things God asked me to do is to go to the church my wife was going.  And I did.  Not to find true love (Love), because church is not where you find Love, but just to know about Love.  To know that Love will bring you to it through a Spirit if you believe it.  That was the Great Commission, not to come to my church because my church is everyone’s church.

And Thirdly, when I use the term “church”, I’m usually talking about an Orthodox Jewish, Catholic, Protestant Bible-thumping and other so called “Christian” religious churches headed by a male or males who see women and men who have feminine qualities (in other words, those closer to God) as less or not as worthy or deserving in God’s eyes.  In other words, these are churches that really have very little common sense, what is also known as wisdom of the spirit and by the spirit.  Okay, so about 99% of all organized religions.

And in most instances, you can exchange the word “church” with a patriarch of one’s family who is narcissistic and just plane unloving just like the Orthodox Jewish, Catholic, Protestant Bible-thumping and other so called “Christian” religious churches.  You may see them as loving, but believe me when I say that I’ve been pretty much everywhere, and it’s all just a big act on the outside with an angry child on the inside who is too afraid to confront their root fear.  And most if not 99% of them really do believe they are loving.

Okay, so how do I know I have common sense?  Besides being an airman helicopter mechanic in the military for three-and-a-half years, an aerospace engineer in a huge engineering firm for sixteen years, and in construction for seven years, and in and out of patriarchal churches for several years, and all kind of tilting their heads at you with squinting eyes kind of wondering what planet I’ve come from, and some of them actually asking me that question (both males and females), my wife says so and one other did too.

When one of my boss engineers asked a woman program manager why she wanted me on her team, that is, what makes me different than the other engineers in my division, she said, “He has common sense”.   And folks, common sense, not the masculine first-heaven definition of why you need to use a hammer to drive in a nail, but the mixed masculine-femine second-heaven definition meaning empathizing with others who are doing the same job you are doing now or used to do.

Can you believe aerospace engineers rolling their eyes when you say that designing or producing it that way or thinking of it that way makes the soldier on the flightline go through hell and high water?  Of course you can.  Why isn’t there a helicopter mechanic on-the-job three-month program for aerospace engineers, even where there is a flightline in your backyard?  Guess.  That would take common sense.   Pisses off most of you women, doesn’t it?  Now you know why.

I’m not saying fuck the masculine, whether male or female.  No, I’m saying fuck the masculine who are only masculine.  None of them have any true relationship skills anyway and aren’t looking for any.  And folks a masculine who acts feminine is still a masculine.  And a feminine who bows down to or continues to be aggressive towards a masculine is still a masculine.  No common sense either because they are continually distracted away from there spirit within who is just waiting around to connect (a.k.a., self-esteem).

Don’t let it fool you.  There’s a webpage under the heading “Where I Am (Map)” on my website that will help you can gauge where you are in getting what you want.  Look at it and the “My Map” webpage there as well, and tell me where you are and where he or she is.

Test them to see.  Do something that you like but is against their texts or beliefs and see how cold they can become; how judgmental, how their faces change from smile to an icy stare in an instant.  See a demon where you thought was a loving spirit.  These people are very fucked-up people, and you are their pawns like with Roman Emperors and Roman Holy Emperors, which is what Jesus is trying to tell everyone in the Bible.  Again, they may not see it that way, but it’s only because they’ve blocked out the really bad stuff going on inside them, and they think they can control it through religion.  Not how it works, folks.  I know.  I’ve been in therapy and have learned at least the basics of human development and analytical psychology.

Churches do not realize that the Bible is a spiritual book on human and humane natural development told by people who had belligerent and terrible parents, like Jesus did living in unnatural and inhumane settings.  Read the New Testament.  Mary was a pain in the ass and a manipulative and narcissistic mother.  In other words, Mary had very low self-esteem.  And who knows where Joseph was or who he was with or if Jesus was traumatized because his dad died when Jesus was at an early age or if Joseph was a cruel or absent father and husband.  We don’t know.  Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that these are people; nothing more and nothing less; messy and messed up with a dysfunctional family dynamic.  If the First Heaven is dysfunctional and the Second Heaven is semi-functional, then the Third Heaven is fully functional, i.e., healthy.

Nobody, even Mary, accepted Jesus for who he was, which is really the entire moral of the New Testament.  Nobody but those who really believed in him.  Mary asked her son to make water into wine like it was a parlor trick so she wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of a rich man.  She used her son.  How would you feel? When Mary came with Jesus’ brother to get Jesus, Jesus said “these are my mother and these are my brothers and sisters”.  In other words, these are the people who genuinely love me.  They believe in me.  They trust (have faith) in me.  You never did and still don’t.

Now Mary may have come around in the end, but she sure didn’t believe at any great length in her son before that.  What did you expect?  She was brought up in the Jewish Church back then.  No self-esteem (self-spirit connection) going on there.  It is only once you believe in a spirit that you can have any self-spirit connection.

See, isn’t real life better than what you see in the movies and in church?  It’s messy and really and, if you have the courage to invest yourself in it by going through the Second Heaven, you can share in the mindfulness of the experience yourself.  If not, then stay in your make-believe First Heaven world.  But you only have yourself to blame when you can’t find the love and nurturing you’ve been craving since you were two years old.

When I went into my desert with my spirit at the beginning of the Second Heaven, I thought I had screwed up a lot.  And the first thing my spirit told me was, “I’m proud of you.  You were always the sweetest little boy.”  My spirit gave me a lot of leeway in this Adolescent Heaven before I heard it’s voice say to me “enough” and then an even louder “enough”, and I stopped.  But the life I came from, I felt like I had to be perfect.  I knew I had messed up so much and way before that.  But nope.  My spirit showed me the enormity of my playground, and all I was given when I was young was a 10×10 sandbox to play in.  I wonder if Jesus felt the same way when he went into his desert?

Where does your good end and your bad (shadow) begin and end?  You can’t tell me; heck I can’t even tell me.  Only your spirit knows and will tell you.  Get rid of the church and the people who pass judgment on how good you are and how bad you are.  What everyone should be concerned with is helping the poor-in-spirit (those suffering) while supporting the innocent (those who are trying to better themselves).  We help those suffering by helping them know about God’s Spirit’s spirit in them so they can go through the Second Heaven with their spirit.  That’s the Great Commission at the end of the Book of Matthew in the Bible.

Don’t play make-believe with the Bible; don’t romanticize it.  See it for what it really is.  If you read it that way; you’ll see everything that these churches will never say on Sundays because they don’t live in reality.   You, my friend, live in reality.  So, stay here. 

These kind of churches all reside in what I call in Trilogy the First Heaven or Masculine Childish Heaven in the Kingdom of God or Heaven.  Why do they reside in the First Heaven and not outside the Kingdom?  Because in my mind these people at least have somewhat of a conscience because they at least still believe there is a spirit of love somewhere.   They may be Neanderthals, but they at least act and try to be like Jesus who came to really love people.  Hint folks:  You can’t be like Jesus because Jesus was another person unique and not you.  And you can’t be a spirit, at least until after you die.

Only people with personality disorders try to be like someone else instead of trying to find themselves.  And only people with personality disorders follow the letter of the law and not the Spirit of the Law (i.e., common sense) and expect you to follow them.   That’s why the apostles believed Jesus when he said it was time for him to leave.  If Jesus stayed, it would have just been another religion or cult.  Notice how cult leaders never die first.  So the goal of those in the First Heaven is for their conscience to be Jesus’ conscience, and your conscience to be their conscience because they believe their conscience is farther along to being like Jesus’ conscience than yours or worse yet, their conscience is Jesus’ conscience.  See how convoluted?  Just nut-ball people.

Understand, though, that these people who live one or the other side of the River have been more than likely traumatized in their youth.  Some have been so traumatized that they will emphatically not venture any farther than the First Heaven.  The truth is that the River must flow.  It cannot remain stagnant.  Love is not going to quit attracting you to it by way of the River.  The only way you don’t flow with it is by getting off the River, which is what the fear of facing your trauma or root fear does to you.  On the River is order; off the River is disorder.  And the farther away from the River you are, the farther way from reality you are.  But you still hear the call now and again; you just don’t heed the call.

So, that’s why I believe they are inside the Kingdom.  Leave outside the Kingdom of God for people who just love to make you suffer and love to watch you suffer.  These are the psychopaths and sociopaths who just get off on it. Some of these cult leaders are as sane as anyone else, and behind closed doors they look through their one-way mirror admiring the deceiving work they did on their followers.  Believe me, if you made such a leader live with you for 3-months straight without a break from being around you, that leader couldn’t hold out its deception for that long.  Its sinister truth would reveal itself.  And that, besides not sticking around, is why Jesus was different.

In other words, those who love to see you suffer rather than see your love are people who See Inside Nothing/Nobody.  And there is your S.I.N.  That’s the only sin folks.  No sin inside the Kingdom.  Sorry.  Just made-up bullshit because even if there was, grace takes care of it all and sorry and forgiveness are abundant–in the Second and Third Heavens that is.  We weren’t all sinners in the beginning.  That was and still is just a bunch of B.S.

People who think like that are living in the First Heaven on both sides of the River that flows through it, I’m telling you.  Travel on the River and gain the knowledge you need, and then move on with your own spirit in its way.  Get the basic knowledge in my website, and then freakin’ move on.   That’s a big part of Part I of my Second Book of Trilogy entitled “I Am on the River of Life”.  Stay on the River.  Contact me only if you need some clarification about what I’m saying, and move on.  But don’t be hanging around me, and I won’t be hanging around you.  I have a life.  One that I love and the freedom and peace that I enjoy.  Go get your own life.

Plain and simple, someone else’s church is not the Holy Spirit or the spirit in you born of the Spirit.  It is not God and it isn’t even the Faith because if it were either, again you would be unconditionally loved and accepted.  The Spirit is the Faith, and I talk to you because I know the Faith and have walked with the Faith and have become friends with the Faith that has led me to the Love that is God.  Not “The Spirit”, but the spirit (small s) born of the Spirit (capital s) of Unconditional Love in me.  By the way, that can be abbreviated as S.O.U.L.  I am not The Faith.  I am not The Spirit during ritual events.  I am not God’s representative on earth to be raising you in my own image or the church’s image.  I am Me and you are You.  Only thing is that you (small y) just aren’t You (capital y) yet, unless you are.  I don’t know where you are on the journey.

Much of what I read about today is an exodus from religion to atheism.  I see atheism as going to the opposite extreme.  I don’t believe in atheism because I am best friends with my Spirit of Unconditional Love in me, literally not figuratively and not a figurehead.

I can say this:  God is not a deity, spirit, or person, but just Love, and Love is all inclusive. It doesn’t care who you think you are, what you are, or where you come from. Entering into the final stage of being–in that kind of love–is, I believe, the goal of everyone.  Love is an equal opportunity giver going wherever it is needed while attracting you to it also at the same time. I’ve made the journey, and I know all this for myself. And you can too.

In other words, saying I Love You is the same as I God You, but more powerful because God is Unconditional Love.  So when you say I Love You, you better be able to back it up.

So if you think “fags” are going to hell or women are the weaker sex, like Peter thought and we all know Peter was a handful in himself, then all of you just go live on an island or a locker room somewhere, and leave all the really useful people alone.  But you can’t, can you?

Leaving authority is a natural progression from childhood into adolescence and then into adulthood.  Put unconditional love into the mix and you have spiritual childhood, spiritual adolescence, and spiritual adulthood that are all healthy and based in reality along with human development and even analytical psychology.  This is different than conditional love which is religious childhood manifesting into mental illness, and it pretty much ends there.

Where religion is a conditional form of love and make-believe or making someone believe, which is unnatural, faith in a love that is unconditional and resides in you is natural and a natural process of growing up.  This is because, from day one, that is what you were created to seek.

In basic terms, Christ is the Spirit, and Jesus-the-man died leaving a vacancy for you and your own relationship with your own spirit born of the Holy Spirit.  There was a Father, Son, and the spirit in Jesus–a 3-in-1 complete or intimate trinity and unity–known as Christ to which I am so grateful and appreciative beyond words.  And my spirit understands this.  But like I said, Jesus died so that you (small y) can know You (capital Y).  Right now you are a daughter or son of God.  And when you become complete, you will be You–one intimate trinity and unity known as the Father, you, and the spirit in you.

Churches very rarely make it past what I call in Trilogy, The First Heaven.  And those rare ones do not make it much farther in the Second, where you gain the spirit’s wisdom by the spirit in you.  This is because when things get really rough, churches lack the courage to continue with the spirit in faith, and therefore, gain very little common sense.  Instead they revert back to their own legalistic views of their religious texts.

This is the same as a child leaving home when it’s time to grow up and then going back home to live when life gets too hard and the parents saying, “See, I told you so”, and you force yourself to live under their strictness and unlovingness again.  Or a child carrying its own safety blanket when entering adolescence.  You got to grow up sometime, but you don’t have to do it alone.  You have your spirit, and that makes all the difference.

This is the same way with parents.  Many of us did not have good role models or any role models to help guide us.  My mother was a good role model for knowing good from bad and providing me the true and beneficial meaning of sufferance.  My father was a domineering, abusive, and narcissistic person, who I saw maybe a handful of times after my parents divorced.  The worst part is when he would put me down in front of others to make himself look good; using me for his own adulation.

So, if you can’t get nurturing from priests, pastors, and even your own father, what else is there?  You may as well let go of your patriarchal church and your own father and be your own church and ask your Father in Heaven to replace them and raise you so that you can become your own person and leave the “See, I told you so people” to themselves.  And that’s what I did.  I believed enough in a holy spirit and, like Jesus said, the kingdom in me rather than in the world, and I went there to ask.  And I heard a voice and it was God saying that my spirit will now raise me and, in Jesus’ terms, let the dead bury the dead.

If a church mandates that you can only follow your spirit by their rules and guidelines, their ego in every sense has very little faith in the Spirit itself or worse, they believe they or their leader is the Spirit, and they fear more than they trust.  So you have to ask yourself:  Do I want my whole spirit as my friend? Just realize that your spirit will have it no other way?  It gives all of it to you.  Will you give all of you to it? 

The main purpose of Trilogy is readying you to leave home–to leave these people to themselves and enter into the next stage of maturity from the First Heaven, a.k.a., spiritual childhood or masculine heaven, to the Second Heaven, a.k.a., spiritual adolescence or the feminine heaven where you bring the knowledge you gained in the First Heaven with you and use it to help walk in faith through it with your spirit to gain its wisdom.

Your parents and church leaders didn’t prepare you well to leave, either intentionally or unintentionally.  But you have to because they will not and have not followed their own spirit through the wilderness like when Jesus went into the desert to face his demon or demons.  And you will be in a battle, just like in the Book of Revelation when the Spirit told the churches to grow up and showed John was the Second Heaven was going to be like.

Your decision in the Harbor of Decide, which is the last harbor on the River of Life in the First Heaven, is where you choose to baptize (immerse in Greek) yourself in your spirit in you to develop a meaningful relationship by walking with it and following it in faith in the first Harbor of Act in the Second Heaven.  This is where, in any relationship, you will be trusting someone for the first time, which is very scary if you’ve been abandoned or betrayed, to see if he or she is truthful.   This is the same baptism that Jesus had before he went into his desert.

And as I stated, the Harbor of Decide is where you choose and you immerse “yourself”.  You don’t need someone else to baptize you just because they are a pastor or priest.   John the Baptist was neither.  And if you have nobody else but you, then you baptize you in the spirit.  Just remember to toss the Bible away as your once safety blanket.  The Law of God, which the Spirit’s spirit in you will provide you with, surpasses any and all so called literal laws of the Bible.  You will be engaging yourself in the spirit of the Law (capital L), and no longer the letter of the law (small l).  You cannot trust the law and also the Law.  You must choose.  This is called faith in the Spirit’s spirit in you, and the beginning of the Second Heaven (Spiritual Adolescence).

The Second Heaven is a place like where teenagers try to find themselves among letter-of-the-law parents, teachers, and religious leaders who act so loving when in public.  So manipulative are these narcissistic people play on your heart-strings to keep you from leaving them, even when you set them free to do what they are doing now without you.  They’ll try anything, like you are their safety blanket.  I know because this was my father when I set him free.  

You have to be diligent through the Second Heaven in following your spirit.  Diligent, but as you will see, not perfect as you were accustomed to around the dead and these dead churches.  I say dead because so did Jesus, and as I can attest to, the power is given to you by God living now in you at the end of Revelation, a.k.a, the Third Heaven of spiritual adulthood, that the First Heaven dies.  You have nothing to do with them and never want to again.  You are free and finally at peace.  No more gaslighting.  No more manipulation.  No more pulling at your heart-strings.  Just “you are death walking”, i.e., zombies and pests on zombies hanging around and just moving in circles but never getting anywhere.  And that, my friend, is Truth about that world, that First Heaven.

Trilogy is for God’s children who feel neglected, betrayed, or abandoned by their families and/or religious institutions and don’t know in which direction to turn and which door to open.  That was me.   Many of these are teenagers who have no mentor, divorced adults and widowed homemakers, and those who come from other places only to want a better life and find themselves lost in a world that makes no sense to them and wants no part of them.  I have a special heart for them, but more for the children than any other because the world sees them and they see themselves powerless.  Knowing that this world, this First Heaven, is not the only heaven on earth in the Kingdom of God can provide them great relief and a way to cope and have hope that freedom and peace is still within their grasp.

When you’re ready to move on into the Second Heaven and mature in the Christ-Spirit of Unconditional Love in you, then walk in faith with it to the love that is our Father to be one complete person, one unique You.

Trilogy offers you a lot of knowledge, gives you a good deal of wisdom, and delivers to you a great deal of the “in” love.  But providing you with knowledge, wisdom, and love from a book without you actually experiencing it all for yourself with your own spirit in you is still just knowledge.  And that’s all I can really give to you.

I can’t fill you with knowledge and expect you to be fulfilled.  Nor can I make it law or dogma and expect you to live it to the letter and then call you a sinner if you don’t.  That’s not unconditional love; that’s selfishness and shame.  And that’s religion, and is why religion behaves like an arrogant, spoiled, controlling brat in the world of the First Heaven thinking that the world they live in is the world.  That’s not the Spirit in the Second Heaven nor God in the Third Heaven.  So now you know there are three.  It’s time you discovered the Second Heaven for yourself.

So, never take Trilogy as gospel because then you create a religion that is not your own, and you will always remain in the First Heaven.  Don’t give yourself an excuse not to actually go deep and imagine yourself with your spirit in you, and not to separate the distinct voice of your spirit from everything else, and not to obey the spirit in you in all situations.

This obeying the  Spirit in you in all situations will eventually get you kicked out physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually from every religion or church on Earth, except your own–if you’re lucky.  You may hear time after time that you are only following you.  But you are not because you are not You yet.

Those in the First Heaven don’t understand the difference between you and You because they believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is all there is and having a low self-esteem (self-spirit relationship) will be all there is.  Many believe being known as father means they are the Father’s father on earth and a man is a Man or woman is a Woman meaning that they are already complete without having done the deep down self-exploration with the spirit in them.  Of course, this is false.

The one closest to God and head of the family is the one farther up the River and, thus, closer to the Third Heaven, which is usually a woman.  The man in the family has known this since the dawn of time but too scared to admit it.  Hopefully some, who have only a little dust in their eyes and not a plank, will hear their own spirit say “Come” by hearing My Spirit say “Leave” during their reading of Trilogy.


And now, Trilogy. 


Love and Peace,


— Tim