Religion is a Dead End and the Spirit a Living Freeway

So now that you have read my books and viewed my videos, I can finally help you understand why religion is the true-love killer.

Love has always and will always belong in the collective unconscious.  Jesus delivered it into people’s consciousness because of the suffering in the world.  By doing so, they could understand (in the 5th Harbor of Understand in the 1st Stage of Conscious) what they had been doing to one another under the guise of love.  This guise or false love was enforced as truth by the religion of the day to the point that false love was becoming normalized and, thus, become true for generations of peoples.  Jesus, wise to this, came and preached true love and, in essence, was killed for it.

Then came the first Christian churches, though the term Christian had yet to be used, and did and still do exactly what the false churches did just with a different spin.  If these churches could keep their traditions to only sacraments, that would be fine.  But they made rules that had nothing to do with true love, just like the earlier churches, and mixed with it what Jesus was trying to preach.  Then they rammed their truth down your throat and called all who didn’t conform as sinners, which is the biggest malarkey and the greatest lie (SIN) of all time since the death of Jesus.  The Protestant Churches are the same way except they use the Bible only and chose not to infuse their own rules.  However, the damage was already done.  They came to believe that they are also sinners and will always come short of the glory (grace or love) of God, which is the second biggest malarkey.  We know this because, if we absolutely accept God grace unconditionally as worthy, which is how God sees us, then we would come short of nothing and our love would be adult (mutually equivalent) love instead of adolescent (lopsided) love.

The point I’m trying to make is that the Spirit has created a path to God’s City in the 3rd Stage of Unconscious for human beings starting with conscious awareness of love, through subconscious awareness of love, and back into unconscious awareness of love where it has always belonged.  In other words, you were and are never supposed to be thinking so hard about love and loving one another.  It’s just supposed to be automatic, especially by now.  But no matter what religion you are, your religion has kept love in the conscious because that is what egotistical and controlling people do.  They are so scared that people will forget what love is that they have made it their life to never let you forget what love is.  But one cannot truly be “in love” if they can never get their minds “off love”.

There is a reason why there is more crime in cities where there is more religion, even if all Christian religion.  This is because these churches leaders and parents will never allow the children to just live free by trusting them that the spirit of such love is in them.  And as long as we have these churches that keep love in the consciousness, especially by calling everyone sinners whether outside or inside the Kingdom, you will continue to have high and higher rates of mentally ill people.  This is because, when times get bad, people go to church only to have grace rammed down their throats again and get them believing they are unworthy to receive God’s fullness.  That’s why I call all religious institutions sin factories.

So, if you want peace in your life then do this:

Say to your children from infancy that God’s Spirit Of Unconditional Love (SOUL) is in each one of us, and show them this love, and they will believe and accept it deep down.  And tell them that is the kind of love to always follow throughout their entire lives.  But here is the kicker, you can’t show them unconditional love until you have lived in it yourself, and the only way you can do this is by you following your spirit down the path first and trust it wholeheartedly instead of believing in those voices in your head telling you that you will never be quite enough or worthy enough for absolute permanent absolution. 

Forget about grace this and grace that and on and on and on.  When will you chuck your religions and follow the true and actual spirit of Christ so that you will know truly what it is to live in freedom and peace?  You are being deceived.  Don’t you know that church is the devil’s playground?  If it isn’t obvious to you now in today’s churches, then it never will be.  Peter was never supposed to start a church because Peter was a church.  He just didn’t know it.

Will you ever start trusting God’s spirit in you that much or are you too scared to disbelieve what your churches tell you to believe? You think you are living a full life but you are not.  The thing is that you are already free, and you don’t even know it.  You have peace, and you don’t even know it.  And that’s the real shame on them for keeping this news that Jesus’ wanted all of you to know in The Great Commission.

Perhaps one day we will never hear someone asking if we knew we are already free and already have peace because we will already have known it and live in it.