Map of Trilogy


How the Model Corresponds to Ancient Greek Forms of Love

Believe to Understand:  Storge or Familiar Love (Getting to Know)

Understand to Accept:  Philia or Affectionate Love (Becoming a True Friend)

Accept to Complete:  Eros or Intimate Love (Falling in Love)

Complete to Heaven-on-Earth:  Agape or Selfless Love (Giving and Letting Go)


Key Harbor of Each Stage or Heaven

Before 1st Heaven:  Awareness.  Having an awareness (thought) of anything that pops into the mind.  The key is to realize that awareness is only awareness rather than physically or compulsively react to it.

1st Heaven:  Understand.  Mental understanding or knowledge begins with assessing and ending with prejudicially (unrealistically or falsely) thinking you know what it means.  You may have some truth but not all of it.  Truth (Loving Yourself) calms the conscious mind where thoughts manifest, so you will become calmer as you go through this harbor.  However, at the beginning of the 2nd Heaven, your prejudice or arrogance will be tested.

2nd Heaven:  Accept.   Acceptance is the end of arrogance and the beginning of confidence.  You come to accept reality or the Real Truth (Loving Others) for what it is.  It is what it is.  Again, Truth calms the mind, so you will become even more calmer in this heaven than the first because Real Truth calms the subconscious or personal unconscious mind where feelings manifest.  You have faced it for what it really is, and you have made it through the test of the desert or woods or valley of the shadow of death or whatever you wish to call it and accepted the Real or unprejudicial Truth that no feeling can overcome.  The feeling will still come but not you will never be overcome by it.

3rd Heaven:  Let Go.  To let go is to allow yourself to be delivered into peace.  You have experienced enough in your devotion to your unconditionally-loving spirit that you have become confident in the world by having become wise (truly knowing and understanding the root motivations) of the world.  You are in control; the world doesn’t control you.  And to be in control absolutely, you must let go of the world altogether.  It is then that you are untouchable to and of the world.  Only then will you have Absolute Truth (Loving Everyone as One; yourself and others) that is peace or Heaven-on-Earth.  Hence, the root of the Golden Rule.  The more you let go, the more peace you have until you die, where and when you will have All or Only Truth (All or Only Love) that is God.  Then you will realize that one’s collective unconscious is the driving force of all life and the living and you (your ego) is not it.  The more you let go, the more you will be absorbed or immersed into the Sea and its water’s ebbing and flowing of concentrated Love that is our final resting place where our conscious is part of our unconscious, able to experience it in both thought and feeling.


How the Model Corresponds to Jungian (Analytical Psychology) and Brain Location

Spiritual Childhood = First Heaven = Conscious (Arrogant Doing from ignorance and ending in knowledge of, a.k.a., Logical or Arrogant or Human Being).   Location: Cerebral Cortex

Spiritual Adolescence = Second Heaven = Personal Unconscious or Subconscious (Unconfident Doing from knowledge and ending in wisdom, a.k.a., Logical + Emotional or Humane Being).  Location:  Limbic System

Spiritual Adulthood = Third Heaven = Collective Unconscious (Confident Doing from wisdom and ending in love, a.k.a., Logical + Emotional + Spiritual or Loving Being).  Location:  Prefrontal Cortex


How the Model Corresponds to Husserl’s Pure Phenomenology Philosophy

There is a transition from “What do I want or need” to “What do I believe exists that can help get me there”.   This is what I call Original Transition or the Transcendence (Transformation) from Nothing or Something.

Husserl may say that My First Heaven is for what Husserl coins Intentionality; consciousness for the knowledge of or about something and its direction to the phenomenon.  Awareness of or knowing of (noesis) the Spirit and trying to know the definition of.  It is then presented or represented with what you imagine, a.k.a., Imaginary Variation, the Spirit to be in physical form (noema).  The direction to the target is the River (or Modality of Being on the Stream of Consciousness) given by its flow (time-consciousness) in the direction to the Sea of The Living (or Freedom) in the Third Heaven.

The second transition or transcendence (transformation) or transcendental phenomena is coined by Husserl as Eidetic Reduction and is movement from the First Heaven to the Second Heaven (from fact to essence, knowledge of to knowing, person to spirit, letter of the law to the Spirit of the Law).  This is done by our own decision to “move out”, and thus, by our own will.

The Second Heaven is for the insight (wisdom) of the noema (Spirit) and the true meaning or essence brought by experience in walk with and obeying the Spirit.  This insight comes after the Harbor of Act and the subsequent Harbor of Accept.  It comes in the Harbor of Devote.  Husserl may call this harbor what he coined as the Horizon of the experience.

There is a third transition or transcendence (transformation) from the Second Heaven to the Third Heaven.   But it can only be performed by the spirit and not by our own will.  We are handed over to God (the True Love or In Love) in the Third Heaven by the Spirit when only the Spirit knows we are ready and not before.  When this happens, we are confident within fully trusting the Spirit; the kind of trust the Spirit has for God (the realm or essence of love that is unconditional for everyone; the full body or collective).

As far as I know, Husserl didn’t get this far.  But if it was said in German, we could call this third transitional movement Übergabe Transcendence (Transformation) to the point of completion or the complete us.  Über meaning “moving about” and gabe meaning “gift”.  We become a Trinity to which we later hand over (give as we move about) ourselves in the kind of Love that is God to all those in the body or collective that we come in contact to the best of our human abilities.  This is so that they too can traverse the River by the wanting motivation toward that which we have; the Being that we are; the Target we’ve become by way of their own Geist or Spirit.  We (our egos or selves small s) are bound by our spirit (small s) that is borne by the Spirit (capital S), and our spirit is bound in us, and we and our spirit (a.k.a., Self capital s)  are bound together by the true or “in love” (a.k.a. Love capital L) that is God.

The Third Heaven is the Target where you and your spirit unite with God that is Unconditional Love.  If the knowledge (non-physical property of the mind) of conditional love can be suspended in the First Heaven by performing epoche (putting aside the mind’s prejudiced view or bracketing conditional through reasoning to act in unconditional through faith) and thus imagining unconditional love (a.k.a., Love with a capital L) that you first must believe exists, then the insight of God from its Spirit (Representation) is the Pointer in the Second Heaven to the Target that is the Third Heaven.

This only works if the noema that you imagine is as real to you on the inside to what you deem is real on the outside and you actually walk with it.  You will never reach your target through someone else’s religion, that can only exist on the outside.  Another’s religion has its own unique spirit that is not necessarily unconditionally loving.  You cannot be a trinity with someone else’s spirit, and thus, you cannot experience its true meaning, motives, and all of its genuine insights.   Self-efficacy continues to emerge as you journey the River with your spirit inside you until you reach your target–the unity or trinity of you, your spirit, and God as one on this earth.


How the Model Corresponds to Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism

The River = The Middle Way in Buddhism = The Narrow Path in Christianity and The River in the Book of Revelation = Flow of the Assertive Pathway in the Brain contrasting that of aggression and passiveness (apathy) on opposite sides and manipulation (passive-aggressiveness)

Truth = Ability to See = Lifting the Plank from one’s eyes or having only a little dust remaining

Trinity = I Am = Me (capital M) = Self (capital s) + Unconditional Love (God) = self (small s) + non-self + love = self + Spirit’s spirit within + God (in unconditional Love) as one in unity (indivisible). 

The nine consciousness in Buddhism are within the three heavens.  One through Eight Consciousness within the First and Second Heavens, and The Ninth Consciousness is the Third Heaven (called as such in the New Testament), also known as the “In Love With” Heaven.



Process of the Harbors


Each harbor you come to for the first time is known as a Primary Harbor.  Having your focus on the name of that harbor, you go inside that land and travel to the names of the harbors before it now known as Places.  For instance, if you reached the Harbor of Understand for the first time, then Understand would be your Primary Harbor for you to focus on.  Then you would go visit the places of Believe (in the spirit), Ask (the spirit to come), Receive (the spirit by seeing its form clearly in your imagination), Commit (or Confess by telling the spirit that you need to understand), and then the main City of Understand (by having learned from what the spirit has told you).  After you’re done, you would then venture on the River to the next harbor known as Decide, which would be your Primary Harbor to focus on, and so forth.

Note that at the Harbor of Complete, You will be who You are.  And at the Harbor of Deliver (a.k.a., Share), you will begin to deliver you (i.e., all your knowledge, the wisdom of your spirit, and love or your Father which is the same as your complete self) with others.  And that is when you will be the complete or entire or all of You and forever more be known as You who is the real and true you–the Truth–the culmination of the knowledge of you, the wisdom of your spirit, and the love of your Father as one complete Self known as You.  And once you Understand that you are now the culmination of your Father, you, and your spirit in one, you will let go of who you were and leave behind–that is, be indifferent to–the people of the world who are ignorant and indignant and their ignorant and indignant ways, and you will accept the new You as absolute.  On that day, you will begin to be the Devoted You to Delivering You to those with little dust in their eyes from within Your Heaven-on-Earth until You complete Your time with them on Earth.  Then You will be Delivered to Heaven Itself.