The CS ROLE Model Map and Process Instructions

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River of Life Painting Official Rev 1


Process of the Harbors


Each harbor you come to for the first time is known as a Primary Harbor.  Having your focus on the name of that harbor, you go inside that land and travel to the names of the harbors before it now known as Places.  For instance, if you reached the Harbor of Understand for the first time, then Understand would be your Primary Harbor for you to focus on.  Then you would go visit the places of Believe (in the spirit), Ask (the spirit to come), Receive (the spirit by seeing its form clearly in your imagination), Commit (or Confess by telling the spirit that you need to understand), and then the main City of Understand (by having learned from what the spirit has told you).  After you’re done, you would then venture on the River to the next harbor known as Decide, which would be your Primary Harbor to focus on, and so forth.