Parables of Trilogy

Parable of the Seeker

There was a child whose father came,

To ask him a question all the same.

Son, he said,

I’m going to give you three ways to choose.

Choose well on what to do.

You can avoid life and live on a cloud.

You can judge life and be very proud.

Or you can enter life and walk with the crowd.

First of all, which is better? the father asked.

I’m not sure, the son gasped.

Then go,

Try them all and let me know.

So, the son went away,

And then one day,

He came to his father,

With something to say.

Father, I have experienced them one and all,

But neither is better than the other at all.

I have tried to escape, but it’s too late,

‘Cause I have grown.

I have tried to judge,

But I keep reaping what I have sown.

I tried to please and tried to conform,

And tried to act all fuzzy and warm,

But then all I feel is so much alone.

Then the father asked,

Then what will you do?

What other choice is there for you?

Then the boy said,

Father, when you gave me the choices to decide,

Instead of speaking,

I chose to hide.

Since it was not a choice you gave,

And rather than misbehave,

I let myself down,

That day.

See, I don’t want to avoid,

And I don’t want to condemn,

And I don’t want to please and conform,

Again and again.

I feel so ashamed to tell you my wish.

But where are my footsteps in all this?

I don’t mean to gripe,

But when is it time,

For me to live life?

When is time,

For me to feel right?

And the father explained.

My son, many avoid and many complain,

Many conform and many condemn,

Over and over and over again.

But you,

You wish to be apart.

Now I know,

You’re ready to start.


Parable of the Woman and a Ship

God and a woman came to the shore of a great ocean, and God told the woman, “My child, go find us a canoe.” The woman looked a little bewildered but said, “Yes, God,” and off she went. In a little while, she came upon a canoe and said to herself, This canoe is okay, but if I got God a ship, how glorious that would be! God deserves a ship, not a canoe. So she went off and searched for a ship to bring God.


Three years later, God looked over the horizon and saw a ship coming his way. And as it drew closer, God saw the woman sail the ship and anchor it offshore. When the woman stepped on shore, she approached God in all gladness and also all bruised, broken, out of breath, her knees wobbling and arms dangling at her side. “For you, God. Here is your ship you so richly deserve! And now we can traverse the ocean in comfort and style and ease.” Exhausted, the woman then fell to her knees before God.


God said to the woman, “My child, you didn’t need to go through all that trouble. I needed the canoe I asked for so we could go down this small river over here to get to the ship you brought me.”


Parable of the Worker in the Ocean

One day a man was scuba diving with a buddy on a science expedition.  They were about seventeen miles from shore and thirty feet under the water.  Their job was to gather cement blocks thrown over the science vessel in order to build habitats for marine life at a central hub.  As they were building the habitats, the man noticed his buddy had been absent for a while.  It did not bother the man that he was alone, but that his buddy was alone.


Staying calm, the man performed what he was taught by his master instructor, and made a circular sweep of the area.  After each time he circled around the central hub, he would go out a little farther.  After several times circling, the man saw a blur in the distance, and started swimming toward it. 

Coming up on it, the man saw his buddy’s flippers and his buddy swimming further and further away from the hub.  He was already two or three hundred feet away.   The man was able to catch up to his buddy and shrug his leg and wave him back.  His buddy looked back with a surprised panic on his face. He was disoriented.  They both swam back to the hub and ascended.  The buddy told the man that he had nearly no more air left in his tanks and that the man had saved his life.


Parable of the Panicking Diver

One day a young scuba diver and his master diver were wading in choppy seas.  The young scuba diver could not catch his breath as the waves starting crashing against his mask, and he started panicking.  He started to breath heavily from his tank but trying to wade kept his chest tight and his lungs unable to expand.  The master asked the young diver if he was ready to submerge, and the young diver asked his master to just give him a minute to catch his breath.  The master then replied that it is much easier to breath deeply the deeper you submerge.  Trusting his master, the young diver submerged, and able to breath much easier, regained his calmness.

Parable of the Prejudiced Persons

A student asked Jesus, “Teacher, is it better to be poor or rich?”

And Jesus answered, “One day, a poor man saw a rich man, and in shame, walked across the street and begged the rich man for money, and the rich man gave him none and went about his day.  On another day, a rich man saw a poor man, and in pity, walked across the street and gave him enough money to last a year so the poor man no longer needed to beg.  The poor man gladly accepted it and then went about his day.  So, who is better off–a poor man or a rich man–when neither understands the other?”


Parable of the Deceived Psychologist

A psychologist said to Jesus, “Teacher, have you not heard of the Shadow, the Superego, and the Ego?  These are the basic truths of all of psychology.”

And Jesus said, “I have heard some say the Shadow is a criminal, the Superego the church or law, and the Ego the self.  But what is inside your mind telling you of this–the Superego, the Shadow, or the Ego?  Who would replace the Spirit with the Shadow and the Father with the Superego?  Who is the Shadow and who is the Superego?”

The psychologist reflected on this and later went to Jesus and said, “Teacher, I cannot say.  I do not understand.”

And Jesus replied, “What ego but a traumatized and fearful ego would be so desperate to keep itself so under control rather than walk in faith into the unknown with the Spirit?  Don’t you see that there is only a spirit of light where there was shadow and a loving Father where there was a righteous religion or law, and that the criminal and law both continue to battle one another for the ego to go left or right for the sole unified purpose of keeping the ego from moving forward?

What is that on the right or the left of where the river begins but both beyond the banks of the river that goal of each has become the same.  Which is the cherubim and which is the sword that guards the ego against entering the Kingdom?  It is all illusion and deception, which is what such fear is from that which would make an ego fearful.”

“If this is true,” says the psychologist, “then how can one move forward if the two are so engrained in one’s psyche? What force pulls the ego forward enough to escape the clutches of the shadow and superego?”

“Aah, you believe!  That is your start.” said Jesus.  “Your ego has always had the power to move forward, but a fearful ego will not move into the unknown.  But there are those outside the Kingdom that love to murder and love to rape and sexually abuse which is known as sexual immorality.  These have no remorse and are very clever and intelligent.  You call them sociopaths and psychopaths.  They can see the light ahead and the freedom it provides before you can.   So, before you are willing to move further with an unseen spirit of light, they traumatize and divide the ego by creating a shadow on one side known as bad and a false righteousness or law on the other known as good. 

The ego cannot move forward when it is split because it is constantly distracted by that on the left and right like a tug-o-war.  There is no rest for it.  And thus it weighs itself down and anchors itself trying to escape the anxiety and fear.  As long as the ego does this, the evil is fed and satisfied.  When this ceases, evil begins again to deceive.  The evil tries to traumatize the ego again by putting on a show of fire and brimstone and death and destruction for whomever questions it or moves forward all in the guise of true love.  And if and when the ego begins to move forward, evil wages war and terror for all to see to prove its truth because evil knows that it cannot kill an ego without the ego’s permission to do so.  And waging war on evil with the motive of hate is giving evil the permission to kill the ego.  But evil cannot kill the ego when the ego waging war on evil with the motive of love because God is more powerful than evil.

Evil has no self-esteem; that is, no connection between self and Spirit.  So weak and cowardly, evil does not have the courage to move deeper within where the Spirit shines its light because evil only exists on the outside but Spirit is on the inside and true love even deeper inside still.  So then, the greater the show on the outside, the less self-esteem on the inside, and thus less light within.

One day the ego will see that there was never such a shadow and never a superego, never a good on one side and a bad on the other, and that the Body is truly made up of only the complete Human Ego, the Spirit, and the Father as it was in the beginning.   The Ego is soaked in knowledge, the Spirit in wisdom, and the Father in love that is unconditional.   The knowledge of the Ego resides in the conscious, the wisdom of the Spirit in the personal unconscious, and love of the Father in the collective unconscious.  And once complete, the ego or self becomes Self.  But no ego can enter into the Father without first obeying the Spirit.

When the ego is made aware of something, it seeks the knowledge or understanding of what it is and stores the information.  But the deeper wisdom of it comes from the Spirit and the still even deeper love of it comes from the Father.  The ego is vulnerable and foolish on its own, so the ego must seek out and utilize the Spirit when facing it and entering into it in order to become wise to its motives so that the ego may come to love it as the Father loves it or spit it out as the Father spits it out because the Father loves His children.  For what was prejudiced or pre-judged by the ego as bad may actually become endearing.  And what was pre-judged by the ego as good may now be spit out.  Either way, peace is restored.

As is I, continued Jesus, the marriage of all three is the Body–the Me, the I AM, or Self–and all three must be present as One to deliver God’s message to God’s people from the soul that is pure.  For the Ego stores and thus is the knowledge of God, the Spirit stores and is the wisdom of God, and the Father stores and is the Love that is God. 

Within Knowledge is understanding that gives hope, within Wisdom is acceptance which seals one’s faith in the Spirit, and Love is everything.  And the Body is complete when the ego has complete confidence in the truth or genuineness of the wisdom of the Spirit and love of the Father and, at the same time, the ego knows without doubt that it will be both respected and loved by each no matter what it does.  And it can only know this for sure by having walked with and lived with both Spirit and Father.

What is the Spirit but Respect and what is the Father but Love.  And what is confidence but trust that is absolute.  And your physical body is the vessel by which the Body as One can now deliver God’s message of Truth for all to believe, as you do now.”