Tim’s Website

These days,
The hardest thing to both accept and give away is unconditional love.
It takes two heavens to get there.  But it's worth it.  - Tim DiMella


God is True and Unconditional Love.

God is both a noun and a verb.  A noun by being with God (In Love).  And a verb by being I God you, which is the same as I Love you truly.

God called me long ago to write down everything that my spirit and I went through together so God could pass it on to you through my writing while allowing me to heal.  Being united with my spirit and in love that is God, I too have come to love you because I can empathize with you.   I too was abandoned and betrayed and had to walk in faith with my spirit in order to grow up and feel and know I Am complete within.

The website, TimDiMella.com, is for you and has been a hard but wonderful and fulfilling journey for me.  I hope you realize that you are indeed truly loved and can be united with the spirit in you and God in all of us and find the complete You within. 

Peace and Love,