Tim’s Website

The hardest thing to both accept and give away is unconditional love.
It takes three heavens to get there.  But it's worth it. 
First you are taught, Second you are shown, and Third you are let be.
And it is of this Third, when you say goodbye and leave people be,
That they truly begin to believe; That you were really the real deal.
- Tim DiMella


God is True and Unconditional Love.

Now that I am in this Third Heaven known as the “In Love” Heaven, it is time to say goodbye.  In the First Heaven, I learned of my spirit and God.  In the Second Heaven, I worked with my spirit and God.  And in this Third Heaven, I live with my spirit and God.  In the First Heaven, I was a found child.  Before that I was lost.  In the Second Heaven, I was being refined, establishing myself while also establishing relationships.  Now in the Third Heaven, I have been established as are the relationships that God has allowed to remain with me.

My job in this Third Heaven is to intimāte, that is, work at being intimate by loving (delivering Me; love) more deeply.  Everyone else and everything else must be left to themselves per the Book of Revelation Chapter 22 Verses 10 and 11.  No longer are the days to reach out to those I do not know, but to share myself with those I do.

God called me long ago to write down everything that my spirit and I went through together so God could pass it on to you through my writing while allowing me to heal.  Being united with my spirit and in love that is God, I too have come to love you because I can empathize with you.   I too was abandoned and betrayed and had to walk in faith with my spirit in order to grow up and feel, and know I Am complete within.

This website, TimDiMella.com, then is for you and has been a hard but wonderful and fulfilling journey for me.  I hope you realize that you are indeed truly loved and can be united with the spirit in you and God in all of us and find the complete You as I have if only you believe.

And may you remember always that God is both a noun and a verb.  A noun by being with God (In Love).  And a verb by being as God, which is the same as I Love you truly.

Peace and Love,