Audio Video: My Testimony of Leaving It All Behind to Battle My Greatest Fear Alone with my Spirit

Family is supposed to be a good thing to give you knowledge (some basic understanding) of love, acceptance, and you in the world.  This is supposed to be your experience in childhood.  And then family is supposed to start letting go of you after a certain time and trust in you that you can make it on your own in the world your way.  Letting you go and you venturing off in your own way is called promoting self-esteem (you in connection with that understanding in you).  But when the members of your family won’t let go, they deny you this self-esteem that they typically equate only to themselves, which is known as narcissism, or those they idolize, which is known as apathy.  And that is where the mental illness begins somewhere around the time that adolescence begins (typically 12 to 14 years old).  Many families will use a tactic or tactics to keep you from leaving or as they call it “straying”.

This video is my testimonial account in beginning my own adolescence at age 33 and facing my greatest fear of loneliness and abandonment, and how I made it through on my way to true adulthood.  I hope it helps you know the strength you have with your spirit in you.