What do you want?

I discovered the following steps by recording each day of my life walking with and being obedient to my Spirit of unconditional love within me.  I realized that when I had real epiphanies, I had entered into a milestone or key step in my life.  The following steps are those key steps in sequence.  They also get you what you want.

However, understand that what you wind up with will most likely be different than what you imagine, also known as a preconceived notion or prejudiced (pre-judging) view.  Most everyone stops at Accept because they compare the reality of it to their prejudice to see if the reality matches up to their prejudice.  If it does or is close enough, they tend to keep it.  If not, they tend to abandon it.  This habit of serving yourself and mistrusting others prevents you from finding true intimacy, which is really what everybody wants.

So, I suggest the first want to go for is true intimacy within you, also known as confidence, which is not arrogance.  Arrogance is a childish trait where confidence is an adult trait.  Arrogance is attained by your ego.  Confidence can only be attained by following your own Spirit of Unconditional Love. 

Most people go searching in the world to find intimacy, which is logical since this is the first thing a child wants from his or her parents or people want from the churches.  But if you can’t find it there, and much of the time you can’t, then you have to go to your true Father and find it through your own Spirit within you.  That is what I had to do.  If you do this first, you will eventually become the real You–the unity of the Father, you (small y), and your Spirit, which will free you and give you peace.  I go into greater detail in my website:  TimDiMella.com.

So here are the steps in sequence.  Where are you on your journey?


Ask yourself, “What do I want?”.  I suggest the first want is a real relationship with your Spirit within.

Believe it exists (i.e., it is real, it has come, or it has been born into the world).

Ask someone very knowledgeable about it.  (This is the same as calling on it.  You could even search or seek the internet on the facts about it, which is still asking, just not personally).  The most knowledgeable person on the topic of love is your Spirit within you.  Can you imagine what a Spirit of Unconditional Love would look like and behave toward you?  If so, say hello to your Spirit.  If not yet, I recommend picking up a Bible and reading the Book of John.  John Chapter 3 verse 16 is very important.  Continue in this manner, and I believe you will come to see your own Spirit within.

Receive someone who is receptive to providing you the facts you need.  (Again, this could be having found a very knowledgeable webpage or website that give you the facts).  See and hear your Spirit respond back.

Commit to discussing it.  (This could be setting up a time to meet with someone and then showing up and giving your full attention or give your full attention to what you are about to read about it.  Stay just to the facts and not opinions about it.  You will later discover your own perception of it.  I suggest keeping it that way.)

Understand the facts about it.  (Again, these are facts not opinions, reviews, or polls.  You need to know what it is before you experience what it’s like.  For instance, the average rainfall of a place you want to go, or that the Spirit in you is an unconditionally loving spirit if you want to journey to the place where your Spirit Of Unconditional Love (SOUL) lives.

Decide if you want to go there (Do you want to actually start your journey.  Remember you may not get exactly what you imagine you want, but it could be more fulfilling than you ever imagined.)  

Act in good faith (Involve yourself in it and relate to it.  If you want to find unconditional love, i.e. true love, within,  meditate to meet up with your own Spirit of Unconditional Love and and perform mindfulness by allowing yourself to feel while listening to and then obeying your Spirit.)

Accept it as it is (Accept the harsh reality of what it is.  Should you continue with it or let it go.  You need to ask yourself if it has actually behaved unholy towards you or others; not whether you think it is unholy because of what others have taught you, which is a prejudiced view.  And how do you feel about it?  If it hasn’t actually acted unholy towards you or others, and you have a good feeling about it,  consider continuing on with it.  Both your thoughts and feelings must be in synch with one another to continue.  If you feel something off about it, that feeling is usually a good indicator of letting it go.  It’s just not for you.  But if you feel good about it, you may be surprised in what you will gain if you continue with it.)

Devote yourself to it.  (This is also called intimating.  For many, this is a time of engagement.  At this time, if your mistrust or negative expectations of it have decreased significant and you had a moment of surprise or epiphany, you might find yourself humbled towards it or respecting it to the point of devoting yourself to it.  You’ve lowered your shield allowing yourself to mix with it.)

Love it for what it is.  (Your devotion will allow you to eventually fall in love with the true it.  This kind of love is intimate, complete, or adult love with a deep friendship.  For many, this is a time for marriage.)

Deliver your full self to it.  (You now have absolute trust in it and are able to be your full and true self in any situation and share your true self unafraid and free from worry.)

Rest in Peace on Earth. (Now you can rest in peace with it.  You’ve found greater peace with someone or something than you ever thought possible.  You may also realize that prejudiced views get you nowhere and you become your own unique and independent You.  In other words, a true adult.  Sure, your still human and you may still have the occasional doubts or worry, but not nearly like before.  That’s why living on earth in peace is known as living in heaven-on-earth rather than living in Heaven where everything is absolute, including peace.

Rest in Peace in Heaven. (After someone we are in love with dies, we need to grieve.  This will ensure that their Spirit will be in us forever and that we can receive it or call upon it whenever.  Grieving means that they are in absolute heaven and in us mutually, absolutely, and symbiotically.)