Poetry of Life (Collection)

Birth is Beautiful


Birth is Beautiful

Take from me and sing a wond’rous dream,

In sanctity and demeanor.

Today brings an aire of stream,

And with it, it shall deliver.


From the womb of life so precious and true,

Daylight brings forth sweetness for you.

Leaving night behind beauty of sight,

Feeling loved in the distance in the flickering light.


Channels and funnels, you sift through it all.

Cord that stiffens yet gives life till it falls.

Warmth and nestle and worth do you see,

Now that you’re out, living and free?


A blessing you are, my darling, my dear,

With my arms reaching out with eyes full of tears.

I send love in words through your little ears,

“Welcome my child, have no fear.”


Roses are red and violets are blue,

Ring around the rosy, I love you.

Ponies and princes, dances and blintzes,

Innocence in thyme, ribbons and rhymes,

Today you are the most important person, in our, lives.


The Beginning Dream

 Shown to me in a dream,
With miles of walk, like an open stream,
And people living in the buildings along,
This path I’m on, together in simple song.
The temple I pictured there was white,
Where I lived secured in purity and light.
From there my journey had started,
Waiving to my past as I parted.


The Pass Dream

 And I dreamt of a mountain,
And caverns in which wise men were in.
Asking each of them “What is Life?”,
Each handing me something before I went back into night.
And then I found myself at train tracks looking both ways,
And I said to myself “Is it safe to cross into gray?”
And what I found was that darkness was part of light,
And lightness was part of night.
That we never know for sure,
What’s ’round the bend,
But ne’er I need to bother,
‘Cause no longer did I have to worry,

About the end.


The Welcome Dream

Suddenly I was alone,

In a park of granite and steps of stone,

Flowing at different levels, toward a building unknown.

And then I stopped, and turned around,

And saw my house, chain-linked abound.

But I continued on and walked did I,

Past the benches and under, beautiful sky.

And then in stride,

I reached the building on the other side,

I looked through the door, and in the light,

There I was, in a robe, dressed in white,

Welcoming others, with a smile,

And loving my life, all the while.


The Garden Dream

 I found myself in a beautiful yard.
It was pure white, fully sacred and nothing marred.
The building had many rooms; behind the center door a Great Hall,
Where many people stood and played; heavy, skinny, short, and tall.
The building was the sustenance of us all.
As I approached it, there was a bed of flowers blocking my way,
It would not allow me to walk further, keeping me at bay.
To me, it looked angry and mean and scared me so,
I just stood there frozen without knowing, which way to go.
And then as it parted, I heard this voice say, “You’re not alone.
Welcome, my child.  Enter the garden and find your way home.”  


The Revelation Dream

I had a dream I was in a dark pit,

And flew up into a great dimly lit, woods

Flying through the trees,

With something at my feet,

Trying to grab on but never able.

I reached the end of the woods and just a little further,

I came upon a greatly lit and narrow, and very deep cravesse,

With a river below.

I stopped and floated to view it all.

And to the right narrow side of the cravesse was an enormous waterfall.

Its waters fell from an enormously high cliff feeding the river below.

Still floating in air, I was nearly level with the cliff’s height,

And high above the cliff where the water fell, I saw a very bright circular light.

It was not the sun.

And I then I flew to the cliff,

And soared above it,

Straight into the light,

And woke up in flight.


Everything Seeks Love

Everything seeks love—even the wind and the earth.
Love is in the center where everything reverts.
Even a heart separates above,
But both sides come around and down again to complete its love.
Because love is the balance of all things,
And believing in it is the first step to sprouting its wings.


Kat and Her Bear

I came upon a wom’n,
Holding a cat.
She was the face of my moon,
Shedding her light,
As I sat.
Gazing into her eyes, she said,
“Sleep, my bear.
Worry not, for wherever you are,
I’ll be there,
All night.
Watching over you,
Until all,
Is alright.”


The River

The moon shown on a river flowing through the Great Land of Life.

It flowed from the first great harbor of sight.

When it’s time to grow, I AM arrives,

Asking, “Who am I?”

This makes the boys and girls ponder.

“Who am I?” they wonder.

And it makes them Believe,

When they’re ready to leave,

Saying “I AM who?”

And so their journey begins without further ado.


“Where, where is this place that we seek?”

They ask I AM with eyebrows raised high.

 “Oh, closer than you think,” I AM replies.

“CLOSER than you think”.


The Voice

I heard a voice say:

You can avoid life and live on a cloud.

You can judge life and feel very proud.

Or you can enter life and walk with the crowd.


So, to figure it out, I went away,

And then one day,

Came back, with something to say.


 When you gave me the choices to decide,

There was one choice

I chose to hide.

But since it was not a choice you gave,

I was afraid, and lied to you and me that day.


See, I don’t want to avoid

And I don’t want to condemn

And I don’t want to conform again and again.

I feel so ashamed to tell you my wish.

But, where am I,

In all this?


Oh, my child, many avoid and many condemn

And most choose to be the same again and again.

But you, you wish to be apart.

And now I know,
You’re ready to start.


The Bridge

 I saw myself, across a bridge,
All happy and alive.
But each time,
I stepped onto it from off the ridge,
It would disappear and say goodbye.
So saddened was I,
That I fell to my knees and cried.
Gave up I did and turned from I.
And at once a power came,
Guiding me through a path I could not name.
A long and winding road around bend after bend,
As if it would never end.
I went through all kinds of gladness, misery, and sadness.
Where was I going in all this madness?
And then in the distance,
I saw that bridge I saw before,
And without any resistance,
I ran to its shore.
Feeling alive,
I realized,
I was on, the other side,

And needn’t search, any more.


Upside Down

Sittin’ at the wall,

Waitin’ for you to see me.

Closer to the fall,

Aching for you to feel me.

I can’t wait here, forever.

I can’t hold my own.

In my state, I’ll never,

Be able to hold my own,


World upside down.

Spinnin’ ‘round and ‘round.

Days run into nights,

And find the right time,

To steal my House of Cards.


Prayin’ on the floor,

Of cold concrete and steel beams.

Lookin’ for a door,

To my own house of meaning.

I can’t wait here, forever.

I can’t hold my own.

In my state, I’ll never,
Be able to hold my own,

World upside down.


The Cross

Choo! Choo! Brother Man,

See it in my hands,

See it in my feet,

Eight feet above the land.


Choo! Choo! Brother Man,

Train’s leavin’ for,

The Promise Land.


Raise Your Hand

Raise your hand.

Take a stand.

See the light.

Make it right,

All you can.


In your heart,

Do your part.

Take the time.

Find the rhyme,

From the start.


Find the love,

That makes you see.

Feel the part of life,

That sets you free.


Open wide,

From inside.

Do or die,

And let it be.


I can’t make you,

Wanna get better.

You gotta let go,
And go get her, now.


Sweet Kathy Sunrise

Sweet Kathy Sunrise,

Take me home my sweet,

Loving lady, where we will meet,

Side by side ajoinin’,

Hand ‘n hand this mornin’,
Walkin’ throughout heav’n, on our feet.


Molly Girl

If I look at you,

Ridin’ on the wind,

Livin’ in love again . . .


Another mistake.


I know it’s you,

Cryin’ for all it’s gotten you.


It’s so hard for me to see,

Where Love is, where it’s all at.

And I look the part of days, gone from me.


And will I find out, that,

Is where I’m goin’ to?

Everybody’s livin’. . .


Everybody’s got to make their own way, that’s true.


If I come back again . . .


No, I can’t choose for you.



Who do you think, you are, anyway?

How many times, do I, need to say?

Who do you think, you are, anyway?

Who do you think, you are, anyway?


Why so concerned, about, the religion you take?

Why so concerned, about, the bread that you break?

Why so concerned, about, the people you fake?

Why so concerned, about, the hand that you shake?


Are you a Christian man?  I know better.

Jewish, Hindu, Islam?  I know better.

Russian, Amer-ican?  It don’t matter.

Democrat, Republican?  It don’t matter.


So, when I come and meet you halfway,

How will you treat me, on that special day?

That is how you’ll be judged, in that way.

Do what I say, and you will be saved:


See, it’s how you give grace,
When, someone’s in, your face.


Don’t Know

And I wonder, where you are,
Combed the desert; faced the star.
And I wonder where you, could have gone, by now.
And I wonder how, far you’ve could’ve, gotten in your car.

Don’t know.  Don’t know.

And I’ll love you, all again.
Made love on the, road of sin.
And I wonder where you’ve been, all my life.
I can find my love in you, over time. I can raise a light on the road.
Take my heart and, hold my soul.
And I wonder if, you are home.

Don’t know.  I don’t know.

Don’t know.  I don’t know.


It’s Time

Maybe it’s time,
I looked up and said to you,
“Maybe it’s time I stopped lyin’”.

It’s time to say, “I can see what’s happenin’ today.”

Yesterday I said, crazy as it may be,
“I need you in my life. What else is there to see?”
I was so blinded, behind the light in me. Now, I can find, the vision in my mind;
Takes me all the way to seein’ you there.
I can find out what, love has in, store for us,
This time.

This time.

So, it’s time.
It’s time.
To love you. 


My Friend

Welcome home, my friend.
Good to see, you again.
Good to see, my friend. Where’d ya go, my friend?
Looked for you, till the end.
Looked for you, my friend, my friend. Found that bridge,
That appeared at the ridge,
Between life and death,
Where I, gave you breath,
Where I gave you breath, my friend. Don’t look back.
Take my hand, my friend.
Cross with me and win.
Cross with me, my friend, my friend.



Hold me close;

Take my hand;

Hear my voice;

Ain’t love grand.


I’m a man.


Her Ways

She can’t spell pneumatological-ly.

She asks me to find it in the dictionary.

And I can’t say no,

‘Cause I love her so.

I can’t say no, I love her so.


She can’t find her way around town.

She asks me to drive her as she writes it down.

And I can’t say no,

‘Cause I love her so.

I can’t say no, I love her so.


I love her, her ways.

I love her, her ways.


She gets all worried if I don’t call,

To let her know that I made it at all.

And I can’t say no,

‘Cause I love her so.

I can’t say no, I love her so.


I love her, her ways.
I love her, her ways.


I Tried

I’ll find the time and find a way,
You’ll see me all; It’s new,
Every night I see me there with you. It’s like I was there;
Every night I’m there,
Hoping now I can.
But it’s alright ‘cause I can’t bear, to find the time again,
Tryin’, lovin’,

You again.

And if I’ve left you,
Corto-Amore . . .
I can still see your picture, there, on the wall. And on this day, I find a light to you,
But I feel the love, is only ruse. It’s like I said,
“Everywhere I head, you are where I want to be.”

If I just loved you more, maybe.


The Charmer

I held her hand, like a lover would.

I kissed her hand, like a lover would.
But I’m not blind.
I’m the one, to take the sun, and fly.


The Note

Hold onto the nights you have,
‘Cause they’re ending fast.
Close your eyes and weep no more,
My ship’s come on the shore. If you see me, once up there,
Say hello, as if you care.
I won’t mind if you can’t bear,
The thought of me at all. Smiling back is what I do,
Though my soul, has no clue.
Bye cruel world, I must confess,
Your agony’s the best. Believe in me, just once more,
Guide me back, from my shore.
Understand, who I am,
As I walk upon the land. Be with me, all the way,
It won’t matter what I say.
It won’t matter what I do,
Just say,

“I’m still in love with you.”


The Escape

I just gotta get outta here now,
I just gotta get outta here now,
Can’t stand the hittin’,
Can’t stand the beatin’,
I’ve been taken. I just can’t take it no more,
Don’t know if I have the will,
To get off the floor. Get outta the house and run,
Call the cops, get someone.
Think he’s gonna kill me now,
Don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Wish I knew where I could go,
Wish I knew a place,
Where I could be, safe. Maybe I die tomorrow,
Maybe I die today,
Maybe I, never get away.

But maybe one day, ’cause:

I got freedom in my mind,
I got freedom in my mind,
He might hurt my body,
But he can’t, can’t hurt my, mind.


Fell From Grace

Help me my darlin’,
Got a long, long way.
Heaven’s a callin’,
Gettin’ closer, day by day. When I think of you,
I ain’t so fine.
I really never knew,
What I left behind. I’m just a man,
In a shambles most the time.
Playin’ a one man band,
My name’s not worth a dime.
Can’t make it nowhere, no how
Fell from grace.
It’s you I now,
Just can’t face.



Come on lil’ darlin’,
See the light of day.
Sing it on the road of the jailer man. I’ll find you a corner.
And I’ll find you a bed.
And I’ll find you a lover.
And I’ll find you a path,
On the road down, where night is on the edge of town. Yeah, at the edge of town.
Get on down!

To the edge of town.


I’ll make sure you’re ne’er alone,

To the point you’ll wish you were home.


I Rise, I See

I don’t know what I have done,
To deserve such a love.
You are my heart and my desire.
My love, my life,
Look over me my King,
As I walk my destiny. I rise, I see,
All my lovely little children,
Spreading my love,
All across this land.

Oh Lord, help me be atoning.

I rise, I see,
All my lovely little children,
Helping one another,
All across this land.

You are my love and I adore thee.

I rise, I see,
All my lovely little children,
Hearing, list’ning, feeling my love,
All across this land.


Beside You

When I dream,

I dream of you,

Waiting for,

Our Lord.


Come my way,

Does the Angel say.

I will walk you,

Through the day.


And when I speak,

It’ll only be, to guide you.

Come my child,

And find Me, beside you.


Take my hand,

And hold on tight.

Close your eyes,
And find your sight.



Years ago we were lovers too young to understand.
And after a year or two, we had everything all planned.
All I had was you, kneading you alive,
To give me what I could not find, inside. And I looked across my ire,
With illumine eye.
And I looked up, far and wide,
And I couldn’t see the pyre.
Then one day I said, “Now I don’t know what to do;
My life is gettin’ wild,
On fire, and dire, and dire.”

And then back came you.


Through the Night

Shall we, dance, in our way,

Through the Night?

Through the Night.


Witness your, heart, to me,

And I’ll listen soft-ly,

Through the Night.


My Love,

When we are free to be,

I love You,


The Night.


Shall we, dance, in our way,

Through the Night?

Through the Night.


Hold the Line

Take me out.

Take me in.

Hold my love.

Hold the end of my line,

Till I’m fine.


Love me light.

Love me lest.

Love me girl.

Love my best of my lies,

Hold the line.


On the road.

I’m the man you wanted to know.

Singin’ live, singin’ low for the lot,

A lot of prison.


I’m the one you wanted it all.

I’m the one that needed to fall.

I’m the one that said I wouldn’t be gone,

Too long.  Too long.


I’m the one you wanted to hear,

I’m the one you needn’t fear,

I’m the one you longed for sunshine,

Please, my darlin’, hold the Line.



Maybe life is meant,
Every night at ten.
Every night I sing,
Up there with the Man at-hand,
Cold and whispery days.
I make it out of town,
And I sing ‘til I drop the benzo over time. Goodbye lady.
Goodbye livin’.
Goodbye smokin’ up the storm.
I’m drivin’ to my home, on the road.
And it takes my life away,
Still I live ‘till another day.
And it’s gone; it’s gone away, to the storm. Yes, goodbye lovely lady.
Where you went I’ll never know.
Like the cardinal in the sky,
Like the dew drop on the rye, But I can’t lie,
Love is me truckin’ ‘nother load.



People say I’m lazy,
Then they say I’m crazy,
Then they say I’m crazy too.  Ha! Ha! Don’tcha wanna fit in?
Can’tcha weigh a minute?
A hundred-and-a-pound will do. It’s that time again,
When ya’ll go off the bin,
Wantin’ a perfect him,
But I’m not that thin. They say you’re gonna get it.
Eat some more a lettuce,
And ne’er eat that pickle too. Your stomach’s gonna weight gain,
Blow up like a freight train,
Then no one’s gonna want ya, blue. It’s that time again,
When ya’ll go off the bin,
Wantin’ a perfect him,
But I’m not that thin.



I asked him why,
He cannot cry,
And he told me,
‘Cause he just can’t cry. Has it sunken in?
The answer’s in the question.
Nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong,
Move on. Yeah, but:
I asked him why,
He cannot love me,
And he told me,
‘Cause he just can’t love me. Has it sunken in?
The answer’s in the question.
Nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong,
Move on. Yeah, but:
I asked him why,
He can’t be nice,
And he told me,
‘Cause he just can’t be nice, to me.


The answer’s in the question.


Lovin’ the Fever

Lay it on; lay it on mob.
See the lady on isles of hell.
Take it on.
Take it on.
Take it on.
Take it on, my love. Let in the fever!
Lovin’ the fever!
Lovin’ the fever! My love, take it higher.
Take, it, even higher. Lovin’ the fever!
The fever!
Lovin’ the fever! Lovin’ the fever!
Lovin’ the fever!


Good Day

Wake up Suzie Mae,
Good day in the mornin’.
The sun’s come over the bay,
Good day in the mornin’. And the fish are all at play.
The boats are tuggin’ away.
The sky’s no longer gray.

Another Blessed Day!

Wake up Bobby Ray,
Good day in the mornin’.
The sun’s come over the plain,
Good day in the mornin’. And the horses are eatin’ the hay.
The tractors are plowin’ away.
Goodwill is here to stay.

Another Blessed Day!


Take Care Blind Men and Women

When will you trust yourself,
Enough not to put you on your shelf?
Following religious folk,
Who poke, doom to others,
In their little glass houses.
Oh, you pitiful brothers! Take care you blind men and women,
‘Cause at the end, all you’ve got are men,
Who sin, again and again. When will you set apart,
The person you are from the start?
Is your life too scary to leave,
Your virtual reality? Take care you blind men and women,
‘Cause at the end, all you’ve got are men,
Who sin, again and again. Talk about things that matter.
Evil men who want to batter.
Feelin’ guilty for bein’ human.
Diving into deep depression,
Where you can’t win; you can’t win.

Take care you blind men and women.


My Grandpa and Me

 Grandpa, why is cold sometimes hot, and the desert sometimes not?”


“My boy, when is truth telling a lie and some who are elated always must cry?”



Through my eyes,

I see paradise.”


“You understand, my boy, you see.  Yes, positively, you see.

So, where is warm and where is norm?”


“In me, Grandpa?  In me?”


“Yes, my boy.”


Did I mention that my grandson can see, love as clearly as me?


That’s my Grandson!


“Goodbye, my boy”


“Goodbye, Grandpa.”


And goodbye to you, my friend, too.

I’m glad you could see,

My grandpa and me.


There I’ll Be

I tell this to all my girls and boys.

Let me put it this way.

Okay, let’s say,

That someone took one of your toys,

And pushed you.

“What would you do?


“Like an Aggressive, would you push him back,

because you felt attacked?


 Would you like a Passive run away,

Because he scared you and hurt you while both of you played?


Instead, stop, drop, and pray,

And there I’ll be, right there with you.

Then you’ll know, the right thing to do.


‘Tis Thee O’ My Father

 ‘Tis thee o’ my Father,

Confused in what is real.

Lost to my wits and seeking out others,

For my soul to heal.

Following this and following that,

Searching everywhere.

And yet to no avail,

For here I reappear.

Of this place I know no mercy,

Of this place I know Nowhere.

No one knows the shame,

And the pain that I have hidden.

A shame that I obtained,

That I beg to be forgiven.

Comfort me my Father,

For I know not where to go.

Deliver to me your Truth,

So I will not feel alone.

Show to me your hands,

So that I may come nestle in your arms.

And make for me a bed,

As a newborn safe and warm.



Swimming in the swills of my empty bay,

Oh, how I’m rocking and dipping and diving today!

Oh, Father, how dear escaping in dream,

As I drink the byways of this cascading stream.

As I sink to the depths of my suff’ring interior,

I am saved by the net of this trusty superior.

I can’t place my finger on this thing.

Albeit smooth and tranquil, yet dissolving.

How is it that I’ve lost my senses, of time?

Drinking and drinking my holy wine.

Oh, wretched me, my quaking soul!

Reel me in already, my insatiable lull!


But awaken!  My heart do I hear,

Love in the distance broadening in cheer?

For me?  Oh no, not for this one.

Really, me?  I am no someone.

What?  Soon you will come and show this to me?

Well, where do I go?  How do I see?

What have I done to deserve such attention?

God is that you?  Quiet!  I can’t quite hear Him.


Me.  Yes, Me, is who you hear in the distance.


Shake me up and stir me with gladness.  I don’t know my Love, my station, my status.


Just give Me your hand and give Me your drink.


Hold on, my Love, this one’s for you, before I sink.


Just Being Human

There is nothing you can or will ever do

That will make God ever leave or stop loving you.

Cheat, steal, or borrow,

Love today or hate tomorrow.

If one moment cloudy and the next moment sunny,

Cry because it’s sad, cry because it’s funny,

Or maybe ‘cause I ain’t workin’ and I ain’t got no money.


Do you think I’m lazy or I’m crazy to live with all this feelin’?

Well, I ain’t low and on the floor,

And I don’t keep hittin’ that high ceilin’.


You gonna keep all that control and keep judgin’ you and me?

Or are you gonna give it a go in some sweet ambiguity?


Who knows the why, the how, the what, and the who?

Just keep on doin’ that thing that you do.

Then one day, you’ll wake up and say,

“Isn’t this nice. Hey, this is okay!”


So, just do your best to love one another,

Show some love to your sister or brother.

‘Cause if God is perfect, then He knew what He was doin’.

How do you give up all you’ve got?


By just bein’ human.


It Is What It Is

Why do I need to always know why?

Must I have everything done on my terms?

Can’t I accept you as you lie?

Why am I always, the one getting burned?

Maybe it’s possible that you’re justified,

And that I have really yet learned,

That you are you and I am I.

Oh why—why!—can’t I just say goodbye?

I must, I must—decide—to let sleeping dogs lie.


What Matters Most

Was it your pretty smile?

Was it your stoic style?

Was it your quiet means?

Was it your tight-fittin’ jeans?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

Was the way, you were okay, without being there with me.


Was it that I would have folded, if I didn’t have you to follow?

Was it that I got so angry, in my pity and my wallow?

Was it that my failures alone, were just too hard for me to swallow?

Was it that I felt, so hollow?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

Was the way you handled yourself, in spite of, me not knowing me.


Was it when I got the courage, to face my greatest fears?

Was it after I felt feelings, that brought me into tears?

Was it when, I listened, to what you were saying?

Was it when you said, “I love you, you are so worthy, of saving”?

I tell you what mattered most, of what now I can see,

A woman so loving, even to someone, as imperfect as me.


In My Life

In my life, I have searched for answers everywhere I could.

I traveled over land and swam in oceans.

I searched the outermost reaches of my mind.

I studied and pondered over my logic and my emotions.

I tried to figure out “why” when it came to suffering.

I even looked up at the stars wondering.

And in all those journeys, I never found an answer.


Until love opened up its door.

And then I found the answer, I was looking for.

See, I had always been home.

And never had I been alone.



Reach, reach my daughter,

To a heart that reaches back.

To the One who never lacks,

The love you need that always feeds.


Reach for the lap, that gives comfort in rain.

Arms that wrap, ‘round your soul when there’s pain.

Always believing, always relieving,

Always securing, always enduring.


Reach for Me, my daughter, and find a rainbow in your smile.

The beauty that goes on, for mile after mile.

So of your worries, need you not bother,

Come home to Me, my child, and be loved by your Father.


Forever More

 As I looked to that horizon, crashing waves upon the shore,

I bereaved the day I met you, look away, away once more.

The sail that I once longed for, lay decrepit in the sea,

Through your eyes, my dreams had shown me, look away my memory.


And I’ve replaced no lover, with the lips I’ve shared with you,

And I have never loved you, more than now I do.

Rain pours when clouds are lonely,

They share their lives with you.

But gone, they pass so quickly,

And their lives within them too.


My hopes ten years in passing, kept sifting like the sand.

The waves are reaching closer now, time to make my stand.

I’ve come here for a reason, the ring lay on my hand.

The love I sought, for so long, I found, from another man.


And I’ll replace no lover, with the lips I’ve shared with you.

And I have never loved you, more than now I do.

Rain pours when clouds are lonely,

They share their lives with you.

But gone, they pass so quickly,

And their lives within them too.


Now, as I look to that horizon, calming waves upon the shore.

I can breathe the day I met you, what was lost I’ve found once more.

You brought me home my lover, by the sail that I longed for,

So that I—in my dreams and mem’ries—can love forever more.


Driven by Faith

So innocent and unaware,

Striving to go on, from dusk until dawn.

Devoted to live the most you can spare.

Hopes and dreams from which you are drawn.


Your beauty and drive, your tenacity, your vive.

And still innocent and unknowing,

Not always sure which way the wind is blowing.


So filled with emotion, yet so timid, so mild.

So simple, unsure, and so pure,

Like a curious child.


My Wife

Walking home after school, can I carry your books for the rest of my life?

Tell me your secrets, I’ll tell you mine.

We play in the fields ev’ry Saturday morning,

The happiest times, that I remember, your golden hair blowing,

The sun on your face, without a care in this place,

Running here and there with your arms in the air.

As a little girl, I help you wipe away your tears.

To my best friend, for the rest of my years.


We sit on the rocks staring over the ocean.

To me you’re my rock and the ocean your potion,

That still sets me in motion,

In this short time I have as your husband and you, my devotion.

And if you get sick or shed some sorrow,

My health and my life, I give you to borrow,

For the rest of my life, till the ends of tomorrow.


When seventy-seven and using a cane,

You and I rode inside a train.

Across from me you sat, stealing the scenery of the English terrain,

As an inquisitive young dame.

And my heart melted as I stared, at your elderly frame,

And I fell in love with you, all over again.


And now, on the porch at ninety-nine,

Holding your hand, inside of mine.

With the sun about to set,

I can’t help, dreaming like a fool, of walking home after school,

With the little girl, I just met.


A Love That’s Home-grown

Mem’ries of a warm summer day,

When you and I used to play,

In the backyard of our little home,

Picnics and flowers and love home-grown.


As I matured, I forgot the rhyme,

Of love with you, in summer time.

I searched myself far from home,

Yet really deep down, was that, love home-grown.


A man sees his life somewhat confusing,

His time in summer he finds himself losing.

Dealing in this and figuring out that, he has no home.

But somewhere deep down is still, love home-grown.


“What is important?  What does life mean?”

He says to himself far from the scene.

“Is life worth living without a home?”

“Is life worth living without love home-grown?”


Then in blew a warm summer’s day.

And I recaptured that love that ne’er did fade.

And I felt myself returning to home.

Picnics and flowers and a love that’s home-grown.


Today, I celebrate you, for whom I know,

What was planted in me, a long time ago,

The best kind of love, in a place I call home.

The best kind of love, the kind that’s home-grown.


Kid in a Candy Store

I’m like a kid trapped in a candy store,

When the candy’s no more.

What’s been bought has been sold.

Not for hours can I hold.

No, I fear.  I shall be bold.

I need new!  I need new!

Monotony, oh how true!

Position me in this way and that.

Can’t sit where I sat.

The ball must roll a different way,

Each time kicked, each time played.

Buy me a house, build me a shed,

Today!  Today! But then I dread,

The end.  Oh, the end.  It comes too quick,

And yet I’m physically sick, from

The suspense from new to new, start to finish

My hopes and aspirations then quickly diminish.

What do I do with life once the newness wears?

Sit and sit and sit, I swear!  Sit and sit and sit, I swear!

Never content with just the way things are.

Always feeling like I’m watching life’s action from afar,

When I’m between one project and two.

Between the end and the new.

What am I to do?

I spent my money, now I have none,

Anxiety, oh anxious, which way do I go?

Sit and do nothing, or run and run, into the unknown.

My god, am I torn!

Patience—my thorn.


The Saddest Thing

The saddest thing, is for a man not to have seen, true love for his bride, before he dies.

And no matter how much he has tried and tried,

He cannot make her arrive,

At viewing the absolute truth,

Away from her youth,

When the sinners and seekers, and devilish creatures, with their lies,

Pulled their wools—their deceiving rules—over a bride’s innocent eyes,

What love should be, could be, in order to see, to feel, to be.

To acquire, her selfish desire,

To just be her own person, her own lover, her heart ablaze, and on fire.


A Real Woman

My son, find a woman and settle down.  Pray for a woman who is noble, grounded, trustworthy, and strict to her morals.  Find a woman who says “no” more than once and you will come to respect her.  Find a woman for your emotional stability.  Whatever God gives us, he gives by grace.  So then, a Godly woman is given us men by His grace.  And like I have said before, appreciate grace, accept grace, but never take grace for granted.  A woman is there for you.  Therefore, become humble to God because of Him handing her over to you.  And from this humility will grow cherishing devotion for the woman given you for life. 


Learn from her teachings.  Step back and watch her motions.  See how inquisitive, how thoughtful, how sometimes steady her thoughts, her sorrows, her neediness and yet her convictions, her rebellion and yet her submissions.  And yet with a shrug of her shoulders, a droop of her head, and a glare into your eyes, you can do nothing but melt at her command.  Encircle her as the earth encircles the sun and soak in her radiance.  And then drop to your knees and thank God for her.  She is a woman of God and she is wonderful.  Be there for her, love her because she is her, and hold her forever.  A sincere woman to a man is like snow which falls upon a wintry tree.  Her purity awakens him with only a touch.